If we talk of top classifieds websites of India. Justdial, Quikr and OLX tops the list. We already discussed OLX and Quikr many times.

If we see from users view, justdial is better than Quikr and OLX. However market of Quikr and Olx is not same as Justdial.

Justdial provides information which will stay for a longer period. Even OLX and Quikr provides similar services. But main focus of Quikr and OLX is on BUY and SELL. Wheareas justdial mainly concentrate on listing of business.

Justdial earns more than Quikr and OLX combined. With wrong methods applied in business we can aquire initial users and capture market share but to stay on top quality matters.

Quality provided by Justdial is benchmark for Indian classifieds (though justdial too is highly capitalist!!!), Quikr and Olx lacks quality, they are full of spam and encourage spam posts.

But its not easy to show your ads on top spot in Justdial without paying money. Justdial is listed in Indian stock market and have to show good profits every quarter. Justdial is only for paid listings. If you are thinking to get clients by posting your ad on Justdial then forget it. No one is going to notice your ad, if you want your ad to apper on top you have to pay to Justdial.

Finally i would say that give a chance to most professionaly mange classifieds website which was launched recently and its TIKSHARE CLASSIFIEDS(Post Free Ad).

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by Prakash mehta

My favourite among your list is Justdial and Tikshare. Tikshare because we have been actively using it and getting clients.

Justdial because of its spam free surfing. But i agree its very difficult to get top position in Justdial without paying them. You will never get clients from justdial unless you pay them. You call and ask about any service they will send your contanct of only those advertisers who have paid them.

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Best Classifieds website in India for free advertisement

First thing to consider is that nothing comes for free. Something that provides you an economical benefit will never come for free.

Have you ever seen your advertisement appearing on top in Justdial or any other classifieds. Yes, chances are very negligible that your ad may appear on top, you have to pay money to get your ad on top.

However coming to this discussion, i think we have very well discussed this topic and can be found here

Classifieds Websites in India-Market size and leaders, an analysis

Top classifieds websites in India and their market share with analysis of present status in niche

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by SEO Guru

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