When it comes to talent, female or males are not blessed based on their gender. But its not same with the pay they get.

On an average female gets lower compared to males not only in software industry but any industry. Females are always paid lesser compared to males.

What could be the reason for lesser salaries to females compared to males?

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

Yes, you are right female gets lower compared to male employees. Not only in software industry but you can consider all industry except where females dominate.

One gets paid based on efforts he put. I am not comparing the efforts of female and male. Both employees put same effort but its possible to get the late night hours from females.

You can not send females to remote location, with females we have many restrictions. Female employees require more security budget. You need to take care of their safety in late night workings.

Another reason for low pay is that males are expected to earn and support family. On an average very few females work only to support family. Females accept low pay because their male partner already earns enough to support the family expenses and what she gets is just additional. But this does not mean that for their talent and same efforts they should be paid less. They are paid less for the reason that they cant work in as difficult conditions as males can.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Agreed one get paid based on the revenue he or she can generate for the company and the conditions under which they can work.

Employing Females always have a negative side too. You have to take care of them and employee an extra security person. In some states, if woman leaves after 8, company have to send security guard with her.

On other side womans dont leave the job or change frequently as man do. Companies have to keep increasing pay of males to keep them on board otherwise they leave too fast.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

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