What is the good marketing stretagy for professionals. I know its not adviced to advertise their services through tv, radio or news paper ads. Some institutes does not allow their practicing professionals to advertisement in any media except few such as classifieds websites.

One can advertise in classifieds even if its paid. Other than classifieds websites, which are the options professionals can look at to advertise their services?

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by Rahul Rai

A very good topic to discuss. Professional dont do business like traders, service provided by professionals is not visible and client satisfication is only appreciation we can conclude as quality of our services.

Unlike commodities we can not disclose benefits of appointing us as consultants. Our satisfied clients are the only medium through which we can advertise (other than classifieds).

There are many other ways to market your services. Ofcourse classifieds are always an open option and should always list your business in every classifieds website.

Its adviced to choose good classifieds website to list your business, posting in classifieds is free and does not require any fees.

People looking for your services will first find about you only through classifieds. I have written some tips on how to list your business in classifieds.

Best advice i could give are sumamrised in the posts linked above, as a professional you should never try to advertise your services in a way which will bring down the respect of you and your colleagues.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Contributing in Classified and forum websites related to finance professionals is very good.

i beleive we all professional should make it as habit and do help to our fellow professional friends&others who need suggestions.a the same time we can learn alot from other contributors in form of knowing updates in profession& stratagies of other professionals to deal with the issues in our profession.

Though we are giving our opinions here at free of cost there are lot of benifits,like

1.when you have given the best opinion same is made available in internet over unlimited time.You may get famous,your post gets famous& your name gets famous among finance professionals,clients over india.

2.you may get some professional oppurtunities if any client is satisfied with your replies and your knowledge and command over subject.

3.We remain updated.yes it is not possible to get updated our self with all relevant laws.when we daily interact in finance forum websites like tikshare we can updated very well.

4.we can get suggestions from our friends to solve our professional issues.

And many more benifits as per my personal opinion.

i am addicted to forum websites.....................................and enjoying a lot with this habbit

Posted 3 years ago by Ganesh babu k

Its right. The more you share, the more fame and knowledge you get.

Posted 3 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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