Rule 2(a) of Cenvat credit rules defines capital goods as under:

(a)   "capital goods" means:-

(A) the following goods, namely:- 

(i) all goods falling under Chapter 82, Chapter 84, Chapter 85, Chapter 90, heading No. 68.05 grinding wheels and the like, and parts thereof falling under heading 6804 of the First Schedule to the Excise Tariff Act;

(ii) pollution control equipment;

(iii) components, spares and accessories of the goods specified at (i) and (ii);

(iv) moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures;

(v) refractories and refractory materials;

(vi) tubes and pipes and fittings thereof; and

(vii) storage tank,


(1) in the factory of the manufacturer of the final products, but does not include any equipment or appliance used in an office; or

(2) for providing output service;

(B) motor vehicle registered in the name of provider of output service for providing taxable service as specified in sub-clauses (f), (n), (o), (zr), (zzp), (zzt) and (zzw) of clause (105) of section 65 of the Finance Act;

(C)  Dumpers or tippers falling under chapter 87 of the first schedule to the central excise tariff act 1985, registered in the name of output service provider

(D) Components, Spares, accessories of Motor vehicals, Dumpers & tippers used to provide taxable services

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