we are running with hotel industry and we have both cash sales and credit card sales. please suggest how to record both cash and credit card sales in single  entry. also where will that entry get stored in tally erp-9. also suggest how to record receipt for the same


for eg cash sales 10000, credit card sales 20000 and vat 14.5% and service tax 12.36%. also suggest when we need to use voucher mode and invoice mode for F8 (sales)



Posted 3 years ago by sujaykiran byrappa

You are in hotel industry and do cash, credit sales .

You must be issuing bills for all sales you make. In tally you can enter the total of days bills.

In tally if want generate an invoice use invoice mode otherwise use voucher mode.

Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

Thank you very much for your suggestion

Please can you give some idea about luxury tax as we will collect luxury tax on rooms and cottages charges.

what is the formula to  calculate luxury tax, suggest which forms needs to be used for filing returns, what is the due date, interest and penalty rate for delayed payment which website we need to use for making online payment?

it will be very much helpful if you provide the brief explanation





Posted 3 years ago by sujaykiran byrappa

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