I write almost daily on Tikshare. But still, I feel that we are not able to gain the users who can contribute on the site and build a brand. Tikshare as a product is never advertised on any advertising platform except few Facebook posts. I was thinking how big brands get initial users.

If we look at present scenario, brand is considered good if it has big number of users. A healthy likes on Facebook and followers on twitter. As of now Tikshare have around 1000 Facebook followers. Good thing is that, Tikshare appears on first page of Google for many search words.

Before we talk of how to market or build a brand for Tikshare, let’s have a look at some already existing websites which have large number of users.

OLX and Quikr: Olx and Quikr are the top classifieds website of India. They have funding from various investors. They are well funded. Quikr and OLX, succeeded to get users by heavily advertising on all possible Medias. Every minute we can see buy and sell ads.

Quora: Quora did not do much advertising. They built a product which was better than existing products. For example, Yahoo Answers was the competitor for Quora. Quora interface and UX is far better than Yahoo. Another reason for Quora's growth was hype created by investments it got. Quora was well adopted due to fine content on site.

Caclubindia: Caclubindia is one of the top UGC website in India; it has a forum and article section. People read and ask any doubts on the site. I never saw any advertisement by Caclubindia. Success of caclubindia can be attributed to first move. It was one of the first sites to write on Indian finance matters.

Other than these websites there are many blogs which outperform the UGC websites.

Now, if we come to Tikshare. What should we do it make it a brand? What methods should we follow or what marketing techniques we should use?

Before any suggestion please note that we are not funded and don’t want to advertise in near future!!!

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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