UBER-The sensational company with high growth finally face the legal trouble in India. More than legal its damage of image that company had.

The US based company provides cab facilities using its software capabilities. UBER has competitors in India namely OLA, SPOT Taxi, MERU and many others. However the incident that defamed company is not faced by other companies.

UBER at first faced the payment challenge but that was solved. However i feel UBER is targeted very hard but is it justified!!!

The rape incident should be criticized but ban is not a solution. UBER services are suspended in NCR (though services were available even after ban order), but on what basis.

Rapes happens and it seems Delhi has become a soft target for these illegal activities. This is not the first case where such incident has taken place. Earlier also incidents happened but no one punished chief minister or other officers in state.

A driver committed crime and whole company has to suffer. It is to be noted that UBER appointed driver after verification and character certificate to driver was from police department, no one is questioning police department.

If an officer is found corrupted, is whole government punished for that? Then why UBER should be punished on the crime committed by one of its officer!!!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by SEO Guru

I support your views. The crime happened not due to any mistake by UBER but it’s a total mistake of government machinery.

People can get certificates by paying bribes. I am also not able to understand, how UBER is guilt in this entire incident.

Even if the ban had to imposed than why only UBER was targeted. All cab facility providers should be banned as all companies follow same rules.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Rahul Rai

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