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Flipkart is the leader of online retail commerce in India. Snapdeal leads on second position. If we consider revenues flipkart recently crossed its $ 1 Billion target much before the estimated time.

Market is largely dominated by Flipkart and snapdeal, however amazon is aggresively capturing the market from these big players.

Amazon is many time bigger than Flipkart and snapdeal if we consider global numbers. Amazon is one the worlds biggest online retailer.

Currently all 3 players are burning cash to aquire customers. On an average Rs. 2.5 is burned to generate revenue of Rs. 1. Another thing to consider is that non of the company makes any profit despite of huge revenue.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

These companies are burning cash like anything. Game is still on and we have wait and watch.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Prakash mehta



These companies motive is not to make profit rather than customer centric and after some years they might make huge profits.

Posted 3 years ago by Bapooji Rao

These companies are making profits and cheating also.

I completely disagree for Buying online for many products

Some products only we can buy online and good for consumtion

These online people sell at cost for 10 customers and cheat 1 customer and make profit.

if you don't believe me visit consumer court online 

Posted 3 years ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

I dont believe that these companies are making profit. If you check the reports on flipkart revenue and profit margin, they are making loss.

Only purpose to give such a huge discount and cost on customer aquisition is to increase their valuation.

Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

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