2014 can be a great year for country. Urban population is eager to see Narendra Modi as next PM of India. But its not possible in democracy untill leadrs have the support of public.

Here the question reamains whether Muslims will vote for Narendra Modi. Modi is an icon for development in India. Only black mark he has is Riots of 2002. But how long can we question him for something, which is even denied by courts? No court has ever accused Modi for Riots.

And even if we have a look it seems all media is working for congress to defame the Modi, but if we have a look at the below image showing the various riots and ruling party, one can notice that majority of riots in Gujarat heppned in Congress rule. But BJP could never materilise on this, and one should not do also.

Will muslims vote for Narendra Modi based on the facts

Source for above data is from first post.

Also if we look at the major terror attacks in India, these happened in Congress rule only. The doubt is sure to arise, whether congress is still following the British policy of Devide and Rule!!!


Terror attacs and ruling party in India

List of terror attacs and government

So its again in Hands of Muslims to vote for a change and take care that they go as per Facts rather than Media hypes and misguidance by paid Media.


Again we can refer this article to see how media is controlled by political parties.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

I'm little disagree with your this post that there should not be an issue of any specific cast while you or me or any one go to caste their vote rather any one should keep a close view on the development work done by any leader. We should must support a leader from any caste or religion who is remembered by his/her development works not due to voter's own religion or cast. When we cast our vote on the basis of the development work, a good message goes to the leaders too that now we can not entice the voter on the basis of religion or cast and take away people's vote in future so we must have to show developments in people's eye.


As far Modi matters, he must be supported for their devopment work. Apart form a black spot of Godhra, he really deserve to be our next PM of India. We should must give him a chance to see can he show the same as he did in Gujarat regarding development. But not on the basis of cast or religion.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Sagarika Pandey

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