I have recently put a course together and I am wishing to add to the material.  The course is Auditing Excel Spreadsheets.  My question to you is, what sort of spreadsheet fraud have you uncovered, or took part in?

If you have used spreadsheet inquire, what has your experience been and also your experience with MS discovery and risk assestment server? 

Any tips or advise on material I should add to this course would be welcome.  You can access the course free from here.

Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by paula guilfoyle

The various frauds though very small but i have come across are (I am a financial auditor and my findings are limited to practical experiance):

  1. Hiding a raw and inserting values to match the totals: Many time clients put additional raws and hide them to match the totals for reconcialiation.
  2. Small differences are removed by manually inserting decimal numbers.
  3. Adding additional data than original data exported from accounting software.
  4. Changing the signs and misguiding.
  5. Dual entries, i mean raws are copied and its difficult to find them in huge data.
  6. Changing transaction values manually.

Posted 3 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Hi paula guilfoyle, waiting for your respon.se as a chartered accountant i use excel too much

Posted 3 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Hi Pulkit Sharma,

thank you for the reply, and sorry for the delay in replying as I am very busy with year end(I am also an accountant).

Your findings are intersting, but not uncommon, and I have covered most of these in an the course. just on Note 2, it would probably be classed as not material for a financial audit, but the use of the round function should be used when working with money


Posted 3 years ago by paula guilfoyle

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