Adsense is the main monetizing solution for many websites and bloggers worldwide. Adsense is leading product of google. Bloggers and websites use adsense to monetize the websites and blogs.

Now the great news is that Adsense supports Hindi websites also. Unfortunately adsense was not available for Hindi websites.

How Adsense will benefit Hindi bloggers?

Google adsense places ads on your website and you earn whenever someone follow the ad shown on your website. In initial stages until your blog is really big and famous, getting direct advertisements is very difficult. You can use Google Adsense to monetize your website or blog.

India has a huge Hindi speaking population, almost 50 crore people can read and write in Hindi. Hindi audience was less fortunate as much content was not available. But now bloggers and websites can have financial security while generating Hindi content for audience.

How to apply for adsense? How Hindi bloggers can apply for Google Adsense?

Hindi bloggers can apply for adsense by going to Google adsense website.

Step 1.

Once you land on the website, you have to sign in with your Google id or other id. Once signed in, you have to fill the form.

Once form is filled and submitted, Google will check your website and if approved, you will be able to login to your account.

Google will send you mail for first stage approval.


Once Google approves your application, you have to generate the adsense codes and place them in your site. Once you place the codes, Google will again scan your site. This is the second stage approval.

Once Google approves your site, ads will start appearing on the site.

How much Hindi bloggers can earn from Google Adsense?

Earning depends on many factors. CTR and CPC are the main factor for earning. Simple formula is, more traffic equals more earning.

Initially earnings could be very less, since Google Adsense takes some time to scan your site to show most relevant ads.

What care should be taken by Hindi Bloggers or any other Blogger to safeguard the earnings from Google Adsense?

You should strictly gollow the Google content guidelines along with Google Adsense guidelines. Some of the guidelines are:

  • Do not click on your own ads.
  • Do not promote clicks on your ads.
  • Do not post content which is against the terms.
  • No more than 3 ad units on a single page.
  • Do not place ads on a page which has nil or very less content.
  • Google does not like copied contents, post only original and unique content which users will love to read etc.

Adsense could be a very good source of earnings if you follow all the terms and conditions of using it. For more terms and conditions please visit adsense websites.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SEO Guru

One of the best moves by Google to unleash Adsense for Hindi bloggers. It will provide relief to bloggers as now even Bloggers who blogs in Hindi can earn from Google Adsense.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Yes this is really a great thing done by Google. In India even English websites contain some Hindi articles and it was against the TOS of Adsense. Now Indians don't have to worry about placing ads on Hindi websites or Hindi articles.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SEO Guru

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