My straight questions are as follows:

1. Why we should do fashion?

2. Is it necessary to show off in dilemma of Fashion?

3. Is  it worth to spend a large volume of money on the Fashion?

4. What if i dress only to hide my body and look simple?

5. What are the pros and cons of Fashion?

Posted 3 years ago by Ca SKG

Fashion is not wearing something which is in trend but wearing something which makes your body look perfect. Who don't want to look perfect. We need to do fashion because we need to look good. No one is intrested in dull looking people.Spending too much money is not justifiable, but again for someone 5000 may be a huge money and for some even 5 lakhs is not more. You can look good even in simple dress.
Fashion is all about good looks and if simple clothing makes you look good and charming, i dont see any problem  in wearing simple clothing.But simple clothing does not mean wearing cloths without applying your mind. Even simple clothes should go well with your body. Color or dress and matching top-bottom matters even in simple dressing.Fashion is always understood in wrong FASHION. Fashion is not what celebrities wear. Actors on screen look good not because of only dress but makeup, light and camera effects.Fashion is not even permanant neither same for everyone. Each person have different fashion sense. Something that looks good on you may not fit others and vice versa.As per me fashion is dressing in a manner that not only makes you look perfect but also makes you comfortable.If its not comfortable its not fashion

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta


I feel we should wear which looks good on our body and creates an impression in the mind of people who observe us.

and yes it shall be comfortable for ourselve first.

But So many people go for Fashion to Show off and follow their star etc.

High Society do fashion only for Show off thats what i have seen in many parties and get together.


Posted 3 years ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

Correct these kids of high society are nothing but brainless waste products. They feel what is on reel life applies to real life.

Fashion is individual choice and should not be generalised. Even bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Ajay Devagan changed their hair style and clothing sense.

They wear what is comfortable and also for them Fashion means making money. But in home even they wear lungi only.

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

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