I HAVE HEARD so many cases from people who says they have seen god and ghost?

In my understanding i am unable to think more than what people make me to understand

So if any one can answer this questions i will highly appreciate them:

1. Do i need to visit Temple, Masjid etc?

2. What are the things from which i shall be motivated to believe in God?

3. Is there any way like KALA JAADU or other things from which i can believe in GOD or GHOST?

Posted 3 years ago by Lovesh Nayak

I will not directly reply to your specific questions. But i have written a facebook comment about movie PK and question raised on Hinduism. I hope you will get some help from this to understand spritual world and also misuse of religion.

Hinduism has flaws!!!! Any corrupted system has flaws, pure hinduism or sanatana system is built on facts and logical thinking but due to 1000 years misrule or Arabian and British rule, the true teachings have taken a back seat. Hinduism is not a religion governed by a single book or prophet but its made by people and lot of people. Whole religion or philosophy is built on the facts and logical thinking.
Take Ramayan or Mahabharat, these books does not teach you what Dharma or religion is but they tells stories and explain what could be the results of good or bad actions.
Ram fought against Ravan, this shows that even if a highly influential person is wrong he should be punished.
Mahabharat is on same line. None of our books praise Babas or rishis, they praise their knowledge and Karma. Geetha is all about Knowledge and Karma.
But instead of relying and understanding the true meaning of these books we listen to people who are self proclaimed scholars. The time we start worshiping any person (Sai Baba or any other Baba), we start following wrong version of Hinduism.
In fact, Gita does not require one to worship god!!! All its says is do whatever you want to do but take it as your duty and perform it with full devotion.
People have lost their mind, their logical thinking. Hinduism will end when everyone lose their logical thinking power.
None of Gods we worship ever told what we are suppose to do. How many times we should worship........
But thinking that all Babas are bad is not correct. A true Baba is one who follows rules. For example, a true Baba or believer of Bhakti yoga has to come out of his materialistic life. All Babas we worship today enjoy materialistic life, so they are not at all true Babas.
Aghoris are not respected but they are true Babas because they dont have any interest in money or material life. But even they should not be worshiped because even they humans following one of the path to attain Moksha.
Gita prescribes Karma and Bhakti among other way to attain Moksha. Every person working and earning livelihood is following Karma marg (But again we are not completely following it) and Agoris and others are following Bhakti marg.

Posted 3 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

I can give simple answer, i have not seen PK movie but i think its a movie though acted by Aamir Khan but they tried may be something different.

Answers for Lovesh Questions:

1. Yes, To gain a positive thinking and feel peace of mind.

2. You should be motivated to believe in God, as Believing in God itself creates a motivation in your heart and sould do right and good things.

3. The only way from which you can believe in God is that God only created all of us and you should believe that no body except GOD can do such things which are beyond the limits

What i would like to say is God does not exist but a positive attitude of GOD which creates self motivation, energy, peace of mind etc. etc. EXIST and that you have to believe.

Posted 3 years ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

Whether you believe in god or not and you should believe or not totally depends on you. But if you confused in accepting god, if someone proves that God exist. You will be more confused on which god to choose.

We have Hindu Gods, Muslim God, Chritian God; and making a choice would be more difficult. Yes you can believe in Ghosts because all ghosts are same and they dont have class.

Common man, these questions should be asked to your parents and grand parents they will teach you. If you logics in every action you do, then you are a Hindu. If you do thinks because someone said you are supposed to do, then you are Muslim and if you are doing something because everyone else is doing then you are chritian.

Now observe your behaviour and select your religion.

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

My understanding is God always exist in this world. If you visit the religious places like mandir/masjid etc you will get peace of mind, positive thinking and enthusiasm. You see Ramayana, Mahabharath, Aagam (Jain Holy bookood - Teaching of Lord Mahavira), Bhagavatgeetha every where some thing good is written and by studying these books you will definitely get some thing good & spiritual. 

In case you still don't understand why should you believe in god visit any temple for few days then you will definitely understand what can you achieve out of it. Hence belief in God is very important. We believe in scientific research though we don't make study of it then why can't we believe God.

Coming to Ghost it is called as "DARR" which exist in our mind & self created.

Posted 3 years ago by Mukesh Solanki

Very good lines from movie PL.

There exist 2 Gods, one who created all of us and another whom we created.

People dont follow the God which created us but follow the one we created.

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

People  fear of Ghosts and also God...



Even though They have not proved their existance or helping nature they are most popular in this world.

Posted 2 years, 12 months ago by Ganesh babu k

Somethings are born to be famous. Ghosts is an idea scaring people from ages and will continue to do so. If you believe in Gods, you believe in ghosts too. Both are 2 sides of coin.

Posted 2 years, 12 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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