Here is the time table and schedule of ICC world cup 2015.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule:

 14_02_2015_Srilanka vs New zealand

 14_02_2015_England vs Australia

 15_02_2015_South Africa vs Zimbabwe

 15_02_2015_Pakistan vs India

 16_02_2015_West Indiaies vs Ireland

 17_02_2015_new zealand vs Q3

 18_02_2015_Bangladesh vs Q2

 19_02_2015_Zimbabwe vs Q4

 20_02_2015_England vs new zealand

 21_02_2015_Pakistan vs West Indiaies

 21_02_2015_Australia us Bangladesh

 22_02_2015_Srilanka vs Q2

 22_02_2015_South Africa vs India

 23_02_2015_England vs Q3

 24_02_2015_West Indiaies vs Zimbabwe

 25_02_2015_Ireland vs Q4

 26_02_2015_Q2 vs Q3

 26_02_2015_Srilanka vs Bangladesh

 27_02_2015_South Africa vs West Indiaies

 28_02_2015_India vs Q4

 28_02_2015_Australia vs new zealand

 01_03_2015_England vs Srilanka

 01_03_2015_Pakistan vs Zimbabwe

 03_03_2015_South Africa vs Ireland

 04_03_2015_Pakistan vs Q4

 04_03_2015_Australia vs Q2

 05_03_2015_Bangladesh vs Q3

 06_03_2015_India vs West Indiaies

 07_03_2015_Pakistan vs South Africa

 07_03_2015_Zimbabwe vs Ireland

 08_03_2015_new zealand vs Q2

 08_03_2015_Australia vs Srilanka

 09_03_2015_England vs Bangladesh

 10_03_2015_India vs Ireland

 11_03_2015_Srilanka vs Q3

 12_03_2015_South Africa vs Q4

 13_03_2015_Bangladesh vs new zealand

 13_03_2015_England vs Q2

 14_03_2015_India vs Zimbabwe

 14_03_2015_Australia vs Q3

 15_03_2015_West Indiaies vs Q4

 15_03_2015_Pakistan vs Ireland

 18_03_2015_1st Quatar Final:

 19_03_2015_2nd Quatar Final:

 20_03_2015_3rd Quatar Final:

 21_03_2015_4th Quatar Final:

 24_03_2015_1st Semi Final:

 26_03_2015_2nd Semi Final:

 29_03_2015_BiG Final

Posted 3 years ago by News Reporter

ICC world cup will be hosted  by Australia and New Zealand. It will be great to see how Indian team performs.

Hopeful of India winning again under Dhoni.

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

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