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Planning to get a Company Registration in Bangalore, can it possible with sharing Office type with my friends office which has been registered with VAT, same premisis 2 offices, and businees is Electrical Materials without stock as per the client order soursed from various places including CST purchase and selling with our Invoice it may also includes CST sales. And also let me know the documents required if shraring is possible.


Dilip T

Posted 3 years ago by Dilip T

Taking 2 VAT Registrations in the same office premises is not possible. It can be possible if these offices are seperate by way of floor or entrance. Eg - One office is located in ground floor & another in Mezanine floor with seperate entrance. It needs to be shown that both the businesses are separate hence a clear seperation is required.

Posted 3 years ago by Mukesh Solanki

You can check the full VAT registration in the post Complete-Procedure-to-get-VAT-TIN-registration-in-Karnataka

As Mukesh told, its not possible to take 2 registration for same office. You have to prove that office is used for two business.

If you can seperate the place either by any wooden or plastic wall or by any measurement.

Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

Yes it is very true that you cannot share the office for two vat registration.


BUT one more logical solution is that If your friend agree go for joint Venture.

Make amenmend in his vat registration include the product which you are looking to sell and start selling.

Posted 3 years ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

But Sanjay if he add commodity in his friends registration it will be kind of partnership. Even his income will be assessed in his friends returns.

As per me the solution is in partition of office.

Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

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