How do workaholic people live their life? Whole day working and never living their life in a manner they are suppose to live.

Do they have a brain differently from other people or are they more insecure? Even if we look at life with a big eye, life is all about giving time to yourself and your family. Why people think that life is only about making money and not enjoying this beautiful gift that god has given us?

Working in excess ruins our happiness, destroy our family and relations and impose health issues. What should be done to avoid these things?

Do workaholic people feel insecurity?

Posted 2 years, 12 months ago by Prakash mehta

Work and let Die

This is the perfect picture i could come up with. In this picture i have crafted my thoughts about workaholic people.

They work day and night to earn money (this is what keep occupied their brains). But what they work on, they work on to get diseases and they make their life so miserable that they cannot even enjoy their money.

But, again there are 2 types of people. One who work to earn and another loves to work. The second type of people has a better life. They are mostly one who builds things and under this category you will find Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders etc. These people are one who changes the world. They are one who show path to others.

The first type of people, are one who work to earn. Earn a lot of money, work to earn a promotion, work to earn pleasure. But they are the one who enjoy their earnings. I would say businessman and corporate slaves fall in this category.

Posted 2 years, 12 months ago by Bada Mouth

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