From last 2 days i am reading a book. I love to read books but hardly have time to complete any book. But, I believe the book which I am reading now is a masterpiece and even after completing half, I have not lost interest in book.

The book is about marketing your skills. Making use marketing skills to sell your actual skills. I have never read such a straight forward book. Author differentiate between skills that we have aquired and skills required to make money from those aquired skills.

We have completed our education, we have professional degrees, we have made everyone proud by getting good marks, we have obtained certificates to show that we are educated. But what next?

By aquiring a degree or by aquiring the skills can we make money? To make money we have to sell our skills. But how we do this? The book The Education of Millionaires, is what i would recommend everyone to read.

Book have lot of examples, where many people who didnot complete their education made millions. The made money by selling their skills, skills that they aquired in real life and not from theories.

Book no where opposes school education but it depends on mood with you read.

Some of the points which i like in this book are (Ofcourse in my language):

"You might have aquired skills and expertise. You may be a Doctor, CA or anything but still you need marketing skills to sell your services"

"You have to sell, marketing is a subject you cannot avoid"

I am still reading the book and advice you all to read the book.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

No doubt, you must be reading books. You are top knowledgeholder on Tikshare. Everyone should read books.

Now coming to discussion, whether professional skills are improtant or marketing skills. If you dont have Professional Skills, what you will market?

Both are important but more importance should be given to professional skill, marketing comes second.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by Prakash mehta

I feel Professional skills are kinda of Science, Marketing skills are somewhat like Art. Both are of equal importance for professionals.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

I cannot convey my opinion, as it would be very early to start commenting on marketing. I am a student of marketing.

All my learnings are from the book I mentioned, and i believe everyone should read this book.

A beautiful thought i read in this book was when Seth Godin, meets with a journalist. The discussion was on and journalist was of the opinion that she has done her education to be a top journalist.

Journalist was good at her work was not succesful in marketing her books, she wrote. People praised her writing skills but she was not getting fame.

Seth Godin adviced her to learn the marketing skills. To which she said, i dont require it.

Later on Seth Godin, saw a note with girls written SETH GODIN, BESTSELLER AUTHOR.

Seth Godin explained, even note had Seth Godin as Best seller author and not Best Author. We can aquire our skills but we really need marketing skills to sell our skills.

Marketing is no different than our professional skills. We have to over the time improve our marketing skills.

We need Marketing skills not only to sell our services but also to build a brand. Politicians need it to win elections, Actors to sell their tickets, Cricketers to sell their brand, everyone need marketing skill to success.

One might be a good actor, but not most succesful. One need marketing skills to become more succesful, and after all everyone wants to earn more money. The sole purpose to chose a profession is to become financialy successful.

A lawyers might be good at law but may not be most profitable, Same thing applies to other professionals. One need to equip himself with marketing skills to harness the professional skills.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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