We all aware that majority of the website which are free to use and also mobile apps which are free use advertising as main source of income. However recent studies shows that use of ad blocking softwares is on rise and users are installing these addons and softwares to block the ads on websites and mobile apps.

How will these websites survive in case almost everyone using internet install these softwares? The free internet will die or websites are equipping themselves to fight these adblocks?

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by SEO Guru

This is a big concern, not because websites or apps using advertising as main source of income will cease to earn but because most of the websites will start charging their users for reading.

Ad block add-ons are real threat to not websites but to free internet. We can see that many websites have already started inserting scripts in their codes which does not allow users to read their contents unless they disable the ad block add-ons.

Let’s try to analyze situation from side of both website owners and users.

Website owners will cease to benefit from advertising. Today, its very easy to start a blog and start earning but if ad block add-ons are installed on all computers, anyone will think twice before starting a blog or informative websites. Bloggers will not write high quality blog posts since it will not be economical beneficial to put a lot of time on research. They will write post only to promote affiliate links. We may see only few big websites which run on donations doing good, others will die. Website owners may ask for subscription fees to visit the site.

Users will not get more useful contents on internet. Today, the most useful content is written by bloggers and most of the questions are solved by forum and Q&A sites. These both depend on advertising. Users may have to pay a certain amount to get access to these sites or disable ad blockers to read the content on site. Almost all big sites whether its Facebook, Google or Yahoo everyone depends on advertising income solely. Users may have to pay to access these sites.

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

I have installed adblock plus add on. Believe me its really useful. Even i believe that we should not install these softwares as it blocks the revenue generation for website owners.

First thing, why will someone install adblock addon?

ADblock addons blocks ads, good. We know these are not good for website owners and we may be deprived of free contents on internet but still we use it.

Reason is that most of the ads are so annoying, its better to block them. Advertisers have to come with some unique advertising methods which does not annoy the users. It is really bad done from the users, but how can we justify webmasters using ad units all over the pages.

There are many websites including rediff.com which are very difficult to use without adblock addon. I personally think that adblocks should not be used, but website owners have to take some responsibility when it comes to user experiance.

I read taxguru for taxation updates, but you think it is possible to read that website without adblock addon. Try yourself and will start using addon.

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by Rahul Rai

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