Everyone want their website or blog to rank on first position in google or bing search

Yes its true everyone want to see their blogs or website on first position in search engines such as Google, Bing etc. They want perfect SEO tips.

This post I am writing for the sole purpose of getting first rank in Google results. If this post you see in first top 3 positions, you can follow these perfect SEO tips to see your blog or website in top 3 search results.

These tips are not something which are unique but are based on some perfect tips already shared on other blogs and websites. I am not copying anything, neither I am redrafting perfect SEO tips shared on other websites and blogs.

I am writing these tips based on a successful post discussed on this site itself. I have noticed one particular post which appears on top in Google. The post appears above even the authority sites. The post is regarding some government rules and post gets a ranking above the government site.

SEO tips you will love and should follow for better results

Content is main thing you should focus. You should not be concerned of anything else, Content should be your main priority. Content will get you first rank in Google and nothing else. Google or anyother search engine keep changing the factors to rank a particular page or website, but they do not change one think and that is factor valuing your content.

Here are some tips for better content writing:

  1. Content should be original.
  2. Content should not be misleading.
  3. Write a well researched content.
  4. Content should be useful to your audiance or users.
  5. Do not write for the shake of writing.
  6. Keep a consistent flow in writing.
  7. Do not write for search engines but write for your users.

Tips for search engine optimization (SEO)

High quality backlinks to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy

First priority should be content, once done with content next part is getting high quality backlinks. Better the links pointing to your content more are the chances that your article or blog post will get better ranking in Google and other search engines.

How do you get high quality backlinks?

  1. People will love to link your article if it is outstanding. Write a good article with proper reference and research.
  2. Reach out to bloggers, if they like your article they may link to your site.
  3. Comment on other blogs but make sure that you do not spam there.
  4. Join forums and make a good image there, most of bloggers following you may link your article.
  5. Ask any blogger or website to provide you a link. If they need some money for that, you can consider the offer if ROI is good.
  6. You can exchange the links but do not overdo it.

Target what people search - Keywords

I have seen many articles which are of same quality but their ranking is different. Many time we see that some low quality articles rank better than high quality articles. The main reason for this is keywords that people search. Of late Google has improved on it but still you can notice how exact keywords in your article can improve your chances of getting better ranking.

You should be very careful while writing your article. Do not stuff too much keywords as it would be considered as spam.

Reference to other articles for SEO benefits

In your articles give reference to other sites as I am giving to this article 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love. The reference I gave is base of this article.

You must give a link to some other website which is related to subject of your article, based on reference links Search Engines get the indication of what your article is related to. At the end of your article always refer to the source of your research, source of articles from where you have inspired to write.

Avoid flash, Iframes in your site for SEO improvements

Search engines cannot crawl text within flash and Iframes. Though some search engines can do it and they are still improving. But it is better to avoid using flash and Iframes in your website. your website may look good with shining flash but it will not improve your SEO.

Always try to avoid flash unless your site is not to target visitors from search engines. Flash may give a good and perfect look to your site but can impact SEO of your site.

Name your images

Images in article should have alt attribute and proper description. Include your keyword in image discription. People searching only for images may land on your image and those boosting your search engine traffic.

Single URL, unique title and unique description

Have a single URL for each article, duplicate url means duplicate content. Search engines consider the contents duplicate if they have different url, even though both may be on same site.

Proper Heading for your article <H1>, <H2>.....

Give proper heading to your article, most important line should be tagged <H1> and subheading should be accordingly tagged.

Comments and Edit, keep it upto date

You cannot include all possible queries in one article. You need a solution to keep your article upto date. You can either update your article with latest changes or enable user commenting. Users normally ask the doubts which are latest, their comments can do wonders and help you add latest updates on your article.

Follow Google Guidelines for better SEO results

Google time to time announces the latest changes and you should keep an eye on Google. Follow Google guidelines for webmasters.


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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SEO Guru

Some more SEO tips for your blogs and websites

Social media share

If your article or blog post gets shared in social media and attracts huge clicks, search engines will give extra benefits. Your ranking will improve based on the interest of users clicking your posts.

Brand value of your blog or website

Brand value matters a lot. Good blogs or websites have good value. Search for anything and first result in most of the cases is wikipedia. Wikipedia has established itself as a most reliable site for accurate information. If your blog has established itself, search engines treat you differently.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SEO Guru

Great work SEO Guru, i just check the title Perfect SEO tips for blogs and it ranks on 8th position on Bing and yahoo search engines.

Hope it catches some fire on google too.

On google India it ranks at 73rd position.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by Rahul Rai

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