What classifieds sites actually provide exclusive listings of Advocate, lawyers and legal consultancy? How good is tikshare site for marketing legal services? What kind of support and price is available to legal consultants?

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Thank you for pointing Tikshare and asking a doubt which is not in your mind but lot of legal practitioners and lawyers are struggling to get an answer.

First we have to understand that for professional such as lawyers marketing through classifieds is very difficult, reason being that people do not consider a lawyer based on his advertisements in classifieds websites. There are more factors which have an impact on your potential clients to choose you.

Clients want reference, or have a check on your knowledge. Question with young lawyers and established lawyers are how to generate both.

How you can have goodwill and how you can win more clients then your competitors?

Tikshare is here to help you, Tikshare classifieds help you to build you brand and also get the references in form of reviews.

At Tikshare you have an option to showcase you knowledge, all you have to do is create and ID and start sharing your knowledge by writing articles and engaging in useful discussions.

For example, if you write an article on Contract act, your potential clients will search help on Google and finding your article he will contact you.

You generate references when you existing clients provide reviews on your advertisements published in classifieds.

Best part of marketing your services at Tikshare classifieds is that its 100% free and you do not have to pay a single rupee for marketing your services.

You can use best free Indian classifieds website TIKSHARE to market your services for free. You do not have to pay anything.

Ads in classifieds are not ranked based on money you pay, because Tikshare does not accept any money from its users. Ads are ranked based on knowledge you share on Tikshare. This feature is something that separates Tikshare from other classifieds websites.

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