When it comes to marketing, there is lot of competition. Competition is so big that you may think to invest a lot in marketing your services. But, what if i say there are ways to market your services without investing a single rupee.

Yes it is very much possible to advertise your services online for free without investing a single rupee. Whether you are a doctor or other professional, you can easily market your services without spending anything.

You must have heard success stories of people getting clients from classifieds sites such as Justdial. But, is it really free?

No getting clients from justdial is never free and you have to spend some money to get clients from justdial.com. So what is the best way to get clients from classifieds website without spending a single amount of money.

Here are the tips you must follow to advertise your services for free in best classified website to get clients and it does not involve a single rupee.

But before we move to tips and name the classifieds websites you must list your service, i would advice you to read the article Marketing and Advertising Guide for Professionals.

This article gives you an idea how you can benefit from Tikshare and get an edge over your competitors to win the clients.

First coming to the point, Which is best website for doctors to advertise their services for free, I would say its Tikshare classifieds.

Now, a little explanation why Tikshare classifieds website is best for doctors to advertise their services for free.

Tikshare not only allows you to list your services but also provides you a platform to showcase your knowledge. You can discuss your knowledge by writing articles or answering users queries on forum section. You knowledge shared on site gives you an edge over your competitors. People reading your posts are sure to contact you for the professional help.

I would advice you to start using Tikshare today, not because you want to market your services but you want to create a brand.

The more you discuss here, the more brand awareness you create.

How participating in Tikshare classifieds will help you create brand awareness and get clients?

This is the basic doubt you will have before you start using Tikshare. But, once you start using Tikshare you will notice that you have started getting more phone calls for professional helps.

You being a medical professional know how people chose their doctors. Either its from reference or goodwill. Being a fresher or struggling to get recognisation, you must be thinking how to generate references or generate goodwill.

Here, is how Tikshare can be helpful for your services. Tikshare helps you to build a brand, people have a proof that this doctor is well updated and aware of latest happenings in profession.

You also automatically have references since people would be reviewing your ads on classifieds.

Tikshare classifieds not only help you build your brand but also generates references in form of reviews.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by SEO Guru

Tikshare is really a good site for doctors to promote their services. Especially young doctors, surgeons, general practitioners can get good recognition in the local area. Clinics, hospitals these days need to be marketed. Many Hospitals are suffering from losses not due to lack of facilties and doctors but due to lack of advertisement. And Good news for all clinics and hospitals including practitioners is that you have a free and really reliable platform called TIKSHARE. It is a site where stalwarts from various fields of knowledge meet and discuss. If you are still not registered on tikshare, definitely you will be missing a lot of good opportunities tikshare has to offer you. 

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

Yes Rakesh that is a well summarised view, I believe Internet is going to the thing that will guide pople to not only find the professionals but buy any product.

Its already happening, we have seen rise of Flipkart and other E-commerce websites. People use Google more than references.

Tikshare understand this problem and is dedicated to solve the problems. I am really thankfull to Tikshare for providing this opportunity to not only professionals like me but all other professionals.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by SEO Guru

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