How many of us know who is a company secretary. Well, many of us don’t know them because they are the corporate lawyers. They are the Professionals who are given the rights and responsibilities by the Government to act as a link between Company and Government. They ensure that Companies are in full compliance of all laws and regulations applicable to entity be it Corporate laws, Labor laws, Securities laws.

Not only that company secretaries are expert at drafting legal documents, AGM , Board meetings , filing documents to ROC , maintaining legal registers and what not.

They help in incorporation of companies, filing Annual returns, and also perform Secretarial Audit which is crucial for any company whatsoever. They have crucial role in Mergers and Amalgamations considering the legal complexities involved

Another important function of a Company Secretary is Certifications for Managerial Remuneration under the new companies act.

Considering the huge scope of work that Company Secretaries offer, isn’t that it becomes inevitable for them to market themselves? A company Secretary is no longer only restricted for secretarial services. He is being recognized as a registered valuator under the companies act. His scope of services have increased manifold with changing time.

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A very good post indeed. The post answers the following questions.

  1. How Company Secretary (CS) can market their services on free online classifieds in India?
  2. How to market your services without spending anything?
  3. How you can create a brand name by participating in online discussions?
  4. How to get references? Tikshare classifieds helps you get references in form of reviews.

Finally I would like to advice every professional including Company Secretaries to read the beautiful article written by Ca Pulkit Sharma, Marketing and Advertising Guide for Professionals

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

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