Have you ever heard of any Hindu organisation luring people to convert. It is not possible for any Hindu organisation to do it, not because they do not have funds. Many Hindus are happy to donate for this cause infact a great cause. But they are not doing because Hinduism is above all these conversions and other theories.

Hinduism is a religion which has evolved based on certain principals which are yet to be adopted by the new religions such as Christianity and Islam.

Christianity and Islam both have large followers but how they got them. These both religions are running as a corporate, they have CEO, COO and CFO with a large team. There propagandas as written down and they make use of any method whether it is acceptable or not to achieve their targets.

The target they have is Christianisation of whole world. vatican is their head office and local church are their marketing and operational offices.

In India we have seen how media reacted to Ghar wapasi events organised by VHP. I personally believe that Ghar wapasi is not a big news which should be discussed and criticised unless there is some hiden agenda.

If you think Ghar wapasi programs are wrong then what about conversions at large scale done by Christian organisations in India.

Irony is that "All losers and low esteemed people not having respect for their soul are one who converted from Hinduism, not in recent times but since the time Christianity was introduced in India"

Hindus believe in Karma, yes that is the principal they need to follow but principal is now forgotten and free stuffs have taken the lead.

Here is an answer published on Quora which states how Christian organisations are luring people, people who are victims of poverty and have lost self respect and logical thinking.

I live in Hyderabad and our helper at home she is from Godavari District and her entire family was converted to Christianity. She claims that she and her husband were seriously ill and after she converted to Christianity her problems solved. Hmm... here what made her think that converting religion only God will save her? Now that was just an instance how they influence these poor people and lure them to their religions

Another instance, where an unemployed youth from rural location was shown livelihood by allocating an auto rickshaw for his living. The trade off, he has to observe chirstianity with all his 5 family members. He did so, and God has rewarded with Auto.

Another instance, within Andhra Pradesh again. Two sons have deserted the aging mother pennyless. She was more worried about her living. There came Missionaries to the rescue. They are ready to give shelter to her and also promised her that last rites after her death as well will be taken care. Old woman owing to her bad situation she had no other option but to convert.

Have a quick look on some of their marketing materials... one with minimum marketing knowledge would understand that how these missionaries have used Jesus and how they have created these many forms of Jesus. All these materials they would carry to the remote villages and innocents and lure them saying Christianity is another sect in Hindusim. And they do it using many many marketing tactics. Like they will be favored with Pull cards, Auto rickshaws, loans for setting up small shops etc etc...
Note - You will definitely see why I call them marketing materials. Because the missionaries have literally made Christianity as the Prospective Business affair.

The answer does not conclude here, but their are more images to show how Christian organisations are acting to fool the people.

Chritians provking Hindus by replacing Hindu gods with Jesus

Answer continues....

The scariest point is that Over 80,000 new believers baptized in India this year, claims Christian group - Hindu Janajagruti Samiti the missionaries are claiming that they have Bapitized these many Hindus in just one year.

Did Hindus just realise the power of other religions in this very few years? If not the marketing strategy how come those many conversions have resulted?

Till date we are not sure of their hidden agenda behind these conversions.

Till date we are not sure why missionaries have been pumping huge amounts to India to carry out these conversions.

Till date missionaries were successful in suppressing these conversions.

The same VHP, RSS whom the entire people of India making fun of will be last saving face. Never ever believe these hopeless politicans. For sake of votes and their votebank they have been hurting our Mother Bharath right from British era.
If you still believe that RSS and VHP are anti national organisations or are damaging the image of Hindus, you are wrong. These are the only organisations supporting Hinduism and are very peaceful in all acts and real patriot in their actions.


Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Bada Mouth

A very good discussion. I think people have lost their minds when they speak against RSS or VHP. Even these the organisations with some visions just like Vatican or Saudi.

What RSS and BHP are doing is fully justified, they are not converting anyone. How you can convert anyone in India, when you know that everyone in this country was a Hindu.

Someone goes to out India does not mean he is not an Indian and should be allowed to return. When a person going out of India is allowed to return, how you can say a person who was lured and fooled to accept Christianity cannot come back to his real religion.

All Christians in India were Hindu at some point of time, they may argue but this is a reality. Greatness with Hindu religion is that it due to its principals does not differentiate persons based on his religions, Hinduism does not believe in religions but actions. Action that makes our life, every single step we take is an action.

Hindus were well advance to classify the people based on their actions or work they do, though eventually it changed to bad practice when we started classifying based on birth instead of actions or work.

Coming back to the point whether RSS and VHP are damaging the image of Hindus.

I as a Hindu would say that I am proud of them; RSS is the only organization in world which has not done any damage to anyone. All damages are done through media.

Have you ever thought, does India have guts to speak anything against Islam or Christianity?

Media cannot because most of the people working in media houses are Hindus and they know their religion. This is the only religion which is open to criticism, because that is how best principals evolved, Hinduism evolved.

Why do Christian organisation approach the tribal people or backwards (uneducated) for conversion, why not wealthy and upper class (Educated)? I would say they are opportunist.

How you can call a religion peaceful if it breaks the first principal itself, live and let live. What Christianity got to do in India, when India already has a religion is which more vast and older then Christianity?

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

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