What things are missing or tikshare lacks that prevents users from starting a discussion on Tikshare. Tikshare is one of the largest discussion portal of India. We have very high number of discussions and I can see that Tikshare is good in terms of getting traffic also.

But, still we are not able to get new members to join our site. I had a discussion with Tikshare team and found that Tikshare have more than 1800 memebers but very few people are interested in discussions.

I would say it is better to have good time at Tikshare than to waste time at facebook.

Posted 6 years ago by Rahul Rai

A very good topic to discuss and analyse where Tikshare stands. Well, Tikshare is an ethical website as far as I consider the discussions and articles i see on Tikshare.

Even the classifieds is clean and does not have spam ads.

We can compare other websites which are highly popular and people use them to discuss and then compare Tikshare with them. But, I believe it is already done in earlier threads on Tikshare.

Let me speak about some facts about Tikshare:

  1. Tikshare has more than 1300 discussions, not a huge number but still a big number since most of the sites never see these numbers and die before even reaching these numbers.
  2. Tikshare has more than 850 users with valid ids, but most of them an not active.
  3. Tikshare has classifieds, classifieds application of Tikshare gets many visitors daily, but more intresting is that classifieds has very few advertisements. Very few advertisements are due to spam policy of Tikshare. Tikshare does not support spam on internet.
  4. The most viewed post of Tikshare is Salary Breakup in Excel, just put the CTC with more than 17000 views and 95% visitors are from Google.
  5. Tikshare once had articles written by one of the most popular investment advisor but were removed due to T&C, again strict T&C of Tikshare to be appreciated.
  6. Tikshare values user exoperiance more than contents. No useless stuffs to get traffic.
  7. Posts or replies which are not appropriate are removed almost real time.

These were some facts, now coming to your question, why very few people on Tikshare.

Well, lets have a look at kind of articles, discussion which gets highest visitors and are most discussed.

  1. Bollywood and entertainment (Hot pics, wallpapers etc.)
  2. Cricket
  3. Politics

Tikshare have very low contents of these kind and does not intend to increase entertainment content since that is not what we launched Tikshare for.

Tikshare has got a specific goal and we should be attached to that instead of focusing on getting traffic. The goal of Tikshare is to provide a user friendly platform to users to write articles, discuss and promote their business with help of their knowledge.

But, if I say that low traffic is due to above reasons I may sound like diplomat.

The real reason I feel is that people are not intrested in discussions or are in hurry. Yes, this is what I feel from my experiance on Tikshare.

For, example, I have written many articles and participated in many discussions here. I keep getting calls and mails from many people, they ask doubts over phone instead of asking it on Tikshare.

I feel they are lezy to write their doubts on Tikshare and expect a reply. You cannot say that English is real reason people don't write on Tikshare, most of the calls i get are from english speaking people.

But, we should not think that people are not intrested in discussions or debates, there are many like you and me.

Posted 6 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Tikshare is an useful site to professionals like me. It is also useful to many enterpreneurs, startups having lot of questions and doubts on legal , taxation, accounting issues. This way tikshare acts like a bridge for many of us. It is just that many people haven't really benefitted from this site since they have not used this site much. When you have a problem, then you approach someone for solution. Simple. In the same way, tikshare has members which have a knowledge database which requires some public attention. I think only this is lacking. Yes, this website lacks marketing.  

Posted 6 years ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

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