I have few muslim friends and they are supporting Pakistan and not India in world cup 2015. What should I say them, should I simply ignore them or teach them some philosphical lessons?

I have no idea why people are supporting Pakistan and specially some Muslims. They know that Pakistan is the biggest living enemy of India.

Pakistan has killed our soldiers, Pakistan has done many terrorist attacks on India. Is it justified if people are supporting Pakistan? How can Indian Muslims support Pakistan, when they know Pakistan is not their country but it is India.

Why Muslims are less patriotic compared to Hindus? Why Indian Muslims support Pakistan cricket team instead of Indian cricket team?

My other questions are:

Why some Muslims support Pakistan and not India?

Why Muslims support Pakistan cricket team and not Indian Cricket team?

Should Indian government take action against these muslims who are supporting Pakistan and not India?

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

A Muslim has to be loyal to his country to be called as a true Muslim. A true Muslim can never betray his motherland. Quran never say that you betray your nation.

These are not Muslims who are supporting Pakistan but some uneducated bunch of people who lost their minds. They are most backward people among the backwards. Even if they have gained some education, they lack basic education.

Every Muslim has to understand that he is first and Indian and then a Muslim. His first priority should be to support India, and then everything else comes.

Allah give brains to these people who are supporting Pakistan, though they are eating on Indian soil. Pakistan has killed our soldiers, they very frequently disturb the peace in our country and still some Muslims support Pakistan in cricket world cup 2015.

I am sure many backward muslims must have cried when Pakistan lost against India in first match of world cup 2015.

My advice to you is that Be an Indian. Don't react now. Let the world cup end. If India win, just give them nice smile. If India lose, again don't react.

Posted 3 years ago by Md. Jamal

There are 2 views for your questions. You asked what you should tell to friend who is supporting Pakistan and not India in world cup 2015 and your friend is a Muslim.

First view- There is nothing wrong in it since everyone can have their favourite team. What is wrong if a Muslim or a Hindu supports Pakistan cricket team instead of Indian cricket team.

Many Pakistanis love Bollywood films, that does not mean they love India. Similarly many Indian Muslims may like Pakistan cricket team and not Pakistan as a nation.

Second view- Pakistan is the worst country in this world, and Pakistan is biggest enemy of India. How can someone support Pakistan cricket team when we have a team competing against their cricket team.

It does not matter whether your friend is a Hindu or Muslim, what should be asked is how can someone support Pakistan cricket team.

You should first slap your friend and then tell him to go and join Pakistan or you can just ignore him. He is loser who lost his mind.

Posted 3 years ago by Bada Mouth


You are correct in your views but your first view is not valid. It was ok to say that you may like any team, but you can never like a team playing for Pakistan.

If we consider your first view, then we have the right to even like Pakistan army because we may like any army.

I just want to see Pakistan losing badly against India so that these folks cry and die.

Posted 3 years ago by Md. Jamal

I agree with your views. Muslims need to understand that their nationality is Indian and they should behave accordingly. As Jamal said, by behaving as Indian they not only contribute to Indian growth but also follow the path shown by Quran.

Posted 3 years ago by Prakash mehta

@Prakash Mehta

Every religion has good and bad people. Some are framed and some are really bad. RSS is good or bad, can you tell. Its media who decide who are good and who are bad.

However I agree to your points that yes some Muslims support Pakistan cricket team instead of Indian cricket team.

You also asked whether Indian government should punish these people. It is not possible, because practically government cannot find these people and even if current central government does it, we know what can happen.

Congress-the real looters are responsible for this behaviour of some Muslims in India. But, believe me there are good Muslims too and they understand and respect mother India as much as I and you do.

Hope these backwards get some knowledge from Allah and start repsecting their Quran and mother India.

Jai Hind

Posted 3 years ago by Md. Jamal

Thank you for participating in this discussion and making few points clear. Md. Jamal is a true Muslim and I hope one day everyone start thinking like him.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

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