I was planning from a long time to discuss on this topic. Which are the best free classifieds website in India?

First before we go the classifieds part, let us understand what is best and what we call a best website.

As per me best simply means being good or being better than other players in the game. Being a top leader in the game and winning the game in long run.

Best website as per me is, a product which provides information to users in the manner users want.

So by combining both the definitions a think of best classifieds website as, a website which provide useful information to users which enable user to halt their further search and find what they want. The product should be far better with a solid business plan.

Now based on this theory lets evaluate the classifieds website present in India and whether they makes as top classifieds websites of India. We shall include even Tikshare in this list and compare with other market leaders.

List of Top classifieds websites of India

  1. Quikr.com
  2. Olx
  3. Justdial.com
  4. Sulekha
  5. clickindia

Lets understand where these sites stand and what is one unique quality that each of these sites have. We will try to evaluate these site based on certain factors which form part of better user experience.

Number of Listings

A criteria to value the success of site is measuring it volume of listing. Site with huge listing are one which are used widely by users. Posting on classifieds sites with high volume of listings helps you market your business among huge audiance.

If we have a look at listings at various classifieds portals, this is the ranking:

  1. Quikr
  2. Olx
  3. Justdial
  4. Sulekha
  5. Clickindia

The list is not only based on volume but also the quality of ads. But volume is factored more. Quikr has more spam if we compare it to justdial or Sulekha.

Spam on the classifieds websites

Spam is a big concern for any classifieds website. Unfortunately most of the ads listed are spam. Problem the websites have is if they stop spam 100%, they will not achieve the volume they need to show their investors.

If rank the website based on NON-SPAM then list is:

  1. Sulekha
  2. Justdial
  3. and others are same, you will find same ads in other websites.

Here we can see that Sulekha and Justdial are better than other websites when it comes to spam control.

User experience on the site

When it comes to user experience I think most of the sites still have to improve. But as on the day if we compare the sites based on current user experience i would say Sulekha and Justdial are better.

Quikr has made a great improvement by launching Quikr NXT. It provides user the experience of Whats app in selling or buying. But this is useful for only buying and selling.

OLX and Quikr are concentrating on Buying and Selling segment more and if you own a business, these two sites could be your worst choice for posting ads.

Business Model of classifieds websites

Being with an accounting background if we do not discuss the business model, ranking will not be correct. Though for users this will not matter much but for investors and people like us it matters.

If we look at the OLX and Quikr, they are burning cash like anything. There business model is acquire and retain users and monetize later.

As of now only Justdial has a better business model and is actually making positive cash. The business model is very solid but is open to threats. Justdial collects money from advertisers to promote their ad on phone calls and direct on website.

Justdial too have the threat of being outcast by free classifieds with better model, but yet have to see such model which can outcast Justdial.

Based on the business model factor, Justdial outperform other sites.

Which is best classifieds website in India based on factors such as listing, spam, user experience and business model?

It is without any second thought Justdial. Justdial has low spam posts, have great user experience and business model is established with a positive cash flow.

Other factors which we can evaluate the list of top classifieds in India will be presented in later posts.

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

A really good list of calssifieds websites of India. You not only provided the list of classifieds but also ranked them according to features. I think people can consider the websites on above factors and post their ads.

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

Thank you.

This is the list which I think represents the best classifieds websites of India. Even we should worst classifieds of India too.

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

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