My client is registered in Delhi VAT and CST, he has gone to Bangalore for some work, there he has meet a person to whom he can sell goods procured by him from Benglore itself.

Now, the question is as there is no movement of goods from Benglore to Delhi and Delhi to Banglore, how this tranaction will take place and will be termed as a Local sale in Benglore?

If it is a local sale in Banglore, and our purchase and sale in this year is less than INR 7,50,000.00, do we need to get registered in Karnataka VAT / CST Act?

I hope that these sales and purchase of goods can take place only on the strenght of Retail Invoices only, kindly confirm and sahre your contact no for our future records and needful. 


Reagards, Rishu Gupta





Posted 5 years, 5 months ago by RISHU GUPTA

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