British filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s India’s Daughter is banned in India. The film is about gang rape that happened in December 2012 in Delhi. Film includes interview of accused and parents of victims.

Film is a documentary on what happened and how it happend. The film also speaks about what was going in minds of victims.

The film is banned in India. How do you see this ban and how can you justifiy the decision of government to ban the film?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Rahul Rai

We should ask this in two parts. First is Why any government bans a piece of information whether a movie or book.

Second is, whether ban is justified in a democratic country?

If we talk about first thing, why government bans information from being circulated than I would say government has all rights to do it. To avoid any violance or spreading of wrong information.

Government can ban and will continue ban anything which is not in interest of general public or nation. I do not support banning and movie or book unless it can really affect the national security or peace.

Now if we talk about the movie produced by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s, India’s Daughter I would say that ban could be bacause of various information supplied by different wings of government such as secrete services or HRD ministery.

India is on path to make an image of investment friendly country. The film had interviews which have a negative impact on culture and life in India. Listen to interviews of defence lawyers, how they speak about girls. I do not find any truth in their words. Yes, I saw the movie even though its banned in India.

Since the movie could have damaged the image of India, the movie was banned. Same thing happens in China, anything against government agenda is banned and that is good also because government decides the path on which we have to move and it should make clear that it is happening.

There could be various reasons due to which movie was banned but reasons are not publicaly provided. Though government should provide.

Now coming to second part, whether democractic countries should have banning system. I will say yes, government in democractic country should have these provisions to ban any information which does not go with its agenda.

In India, from last many years we are living in depression. All negative things that a country can have such corruption, rapes, terrorists etc. India have all of them. People are broken and are looking for some positive enviroment.

Current government has come as a hope to change everything. Releasing this film could have impacted in destroying the hopes.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Prakash mehta

India's daughter tells the world about the bitter truth of Indian society. According to me film should not be banned.

Great job by BBC

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA AJAY MAURYA

Prakash Mehta, I support your views. But, how can you justify ban which is an attack on our freedom of speech.

Our constitution allows freedom of speech and every citizen should enjoy this. How can government ban the movies or books which are a direct attack on the basic right we have?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Rahul Rai

I feel banning this documentary is not wrong just for one reason. The Maker and BBC agreed to film this Documentary for social purposes only. But later used it for Commercial Purpose, since it was broadcasted over a television network. BBC has abused the permissions for its gain. 

However, this banning has perhaps damaged the India's image more than it was purported to be as claimed by few people.

This is my response for your question. It is not justified. Government has got rights to do so since BBC has violated the permissions and edited the documentary before telecasting it on TV sets.

However, i feel every indian, every mother and every father and every girl child must watch this documentary. Whether this documentary is showcasing Indian male as rapists, or spoiling India's image hitting the tourism business is highly debatable with no proof of a logical end.

But , you will be shocked to see some of the clips. You will become more emotional and empathise more than ever before what happened with Jyothi Singh Pandey.

You can see defence lawyers making statements like these :

"Girl is a soft flower and we should protect it. Girl is a precious diamond and it can't be kept on road."

"A girl should go with her uncle, father, or grandfather. She should not go out at night with her boy friends"

"We have the best culture and in our culture there is no place for woman."

You can see the convicts making statements like these :

"A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy"

" She was not supporting rape, she was defending us, so we had to do all that"

A psychopath like the convict makes statements, like these. Lawyers, someone who represents a respected fraction of the society, says that  he will burn his daughter if she's found to be roaming at night. How can you describe this. 

The Juvenile is set to release in Dec 2015. Four other convicts who were given death sentence by high courts more than a year back, are still alive. Supreme court has not taken up this case from past one year. How quick was 2g Scam, coal scam and common wealth scam tried. Why is the law delaying such an important case. Government takes steps to ban this Documentary so expeditiously but cant do the same to get justice to that poor girl and her family.Those Asaram Bapus and the MPs and MLAs who share the same thoughts are roaming free. 

We can't improve India's image by hiding the reality. We have to accept the truth and change ourselves towards good. We have to improve our mindset and start debating on this important issue.

If the movie was aired, only few thousands would have watched it.

Movie is banned,lakhs and crores of them will watch the reality.

I also have to say BBC has hidden agenda to defame India. It is doing this from past many decades. 

In the end, we must remember, justice delayed is justice denied.


Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

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