Tikshare is amazing website, no doubt in that. Tikshare is not only a discussion portal but also a classified website.

What is a classified website?

Classified website is a web portal/website where information of different businesses is stored as ready reckoner for someone search the information. Classifieds website not only provide information of business but also facilitates the buying and selling facility.

What are the different methods using which Classified websites make money?

Different classified websites use different methods to make money. Mostly the website use following methods to make money:

  1. Premium Listings: Website provide an option where ad posters can choose a premium plan. Ads posted under premium plan are shown on the top and are highlighted. Almost all classified websites such as justdial, Quikr follow this system of generating revenue.
  2. Ad-Networks: Another way is to show the ads of third party advertisers such as Adsense, Medianet etc. Classifieds websites just have to paste the code generated and ads are shown automatically. This is very easy way to monetize any classified site since marketing is not required to get advertisers.
  3. Affilliate Marketing: classified websites also make money by using affilliate proframs. Site gets commission for any sale made by referrals.
  4. Direct Advertising: Classified sites contact advertisers directly and show their ads on the site by agreeing at fixed or variable cost.

There are many other way to monetize a classified website such as Data selling, listing selling etc.

Posted 6 years ago by Rahul Rai

A good start to discussion on Classified websites on internet. Let us try to analyse each and every aspect of your title, Free classified site to post ads-Post your free classified ads-Best and free classifieds in India.

Free classified site to post ads

Almost all classified website are free to use and post ads. None of the site require you to pay them to list your business, however there are different creterias to effectively market you ad on classified websites.

Best and free classified website in India

Well, as already discussed that all classified website are free to use and post your business. But, then how do we rank the classified website which are free to use and does not require any payment for your free advertisement.

However this topic was discussed on Tikshare. You can read the topic for further understanding, Best free Indian Classified website

Posted 6 years ago by Prakash mehta

Best classifieds are not one which are not only free but provide equal opoprtunity for everyone to market their business.

Discrimination should not be made based on money paid. Many fraud people make use of this freemium model, they post lucrative ads and promote using money.

Posted 6 years ago by Rahul Rai

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