Google is greatest company of world in Internet market. Google has monopoly on search market, analytics market, maps, mobile operating system, adnetworks and many other business.

Google is slowly but rapidly trying to divert its business in more and more markets and being the top brand gets attraction and traction very rapidly.

Google is killing many businesses, yes Google is doing that. I am not talking of negatively ranking in search results or banning of adsense accounts.

I have facts to validate my points.

Google has Google place and now Google Business

Google lets businesses to post their details on Google place. Google place is getting popularity and many businesses are already on Google place. This move of Google is killing the classified website and other listing businesses.

Google is already biggest search Engines and can play its game by banning all classifieds website and showing only its Google place ads.

Google is already doing it. Search any business on Google and you will see businesses on Google maps in its normal web search.

Check the below image and you notice that all results are either paid or on its Map service. Google has seperate option of maps, than why Map results are shown in web search.

Google killing internet business

Google let you book hotels and flights

This is another service started by Google. Google takes you to the page where you can book you flights or hotels. Currently Google use third party portals to do so. But, what if Google itself opens a seperate entity to handle bookings. It is not something on which Google need to invest. People search on Google for cheap flights, cheap hotels and Google is ahead of all other portals giving such services.

Google and UBER Story

Google is one of the investor in UBER, the taxi booking company. Google has announced that it will start providing services on its own. Above, I have just mentioned what Google can do and here we have an example of Google doing it.

Google is in taxi booking service now. What if Google start doing everything that is done on its platform.

Companies such as will see a business closer. How do companies compete with Google, can anyone compete with Google.

Microsoft with its deep pocket is unable to challenge Google.

Google news and Google info Directory

Question is, How do blogs or other content based website survive? The answer is based on advertisements including affilliate sales or brand boost.

But, how they advertise or make sales if user never come to their sites. Google display the infromation and news on its search results and discourage users to visit the site.

In Brasil, Google was in news by not allowing newspaper to display their content in its news service. Visitors droped due to Google showing news in Google News.

How can the small or big blogs fight this challenge.

I have just put my concerns, hope Google listen to them and try to be fair. Business of Google is not depended on visitors but also many individuals contributing to internet. If Google threats with their diversion, soon the contributors will stop doing so and search business may die or any other search engine like Bing may see a rise.

Already Duck Duck Go and other search engines are getting popularity due to manipulation and monopoly of Google.

I think something should be done at government levels too to stop Google from destroying internet business.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Rahul Rai

Google is cruel, yes it is. You very well defined the situation and how Google is killing many website. For example, i just search Cruel in Google and results are threatening.

Think about the websites which have made their business model around the dictionaries. They saw a big drop in visitors and soon may face a challenge to fund even the costs of running site.

What Google is doing is really worst. Instead of giving the results on top page why dont it just show the results, for which search engines are made.

Google gets its results from other websites. What is wrong with Google to give a part of its revenue to sites from which its generates these automated results.

for example if the above results was taken from some site hosting dictionaries, why Google does not share the revenue with site?

China banned Google and have Baidu, India should also think of an alternative otherwise many business will die even before seeing their first stream of revenue.

E-Commerce is a big word these days, even this is not something which is out of reach of Google. Google is used by users before going to any E-Commerce portal.

Google is by any standard most used website.

I think there has to be some strict laws to prevent not only Google but also other big websites which have monopoly.

Even facebook started a classified kind of service, and very soon may start businesses around E-Commerce.

Facebook is even a bigger threat compared to Google.

If Google is going to do UBER with each kind of business on internet than everyone using internet for doing business will be nothing more than a TRADER. Everyone will be a trader using Google as marketplace to sell the stuffs.

There will be no OLA, there will be no Myntra, there will be no Quikr, Google will close every business running on Internet.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by SEO Guru

Google has taken the worst decision to start Taxi Booking service. The service may be popular and soon like search engine, become a monopoly.

In long term Google will see devaluation in Goodwill and brand name. No more Google is going to be a trustworthy brand.

I think this is the time when people should stop planning their business around Google. Google has shown how it kill your dreams and your business in one move.

Uber is sure to die, not only UBER but almost all taxi booking companies will die soon. Google has huge cash to beat any company, using its proprietory technology.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Prakash mehta

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