I can't understand under what rational irctc is developing mobile apps & what is the reason they are promoting windows app , recently a paper had an article which states that india is an android nation , more than 91 % of india's smartphone's run android but irctc is promoting windows app vehementally which posess a market share of 5 % , the irony is that a  government outfit is not providing an oppurtunity to the larger good of the majority of the audience .

Many third party app's are there for android like ngpay , but half of the time irctc services are unavailable with them.

Why can't irctc develop some in house android app & promote it , rather than depending on third party services , so that a larger group of people will benefit from that , even though i use ngpay (when irctc services are available ) for tatkal ticket's ,services are enabled only after 12 ' o clock , at this time  all  tickets are sold out , they are considereing those who acess their services from other app's as agent's & allow them after 12:00 PM , this also has to be changed.  

Irctc's policy maker's  must analyse the market scenario , before promoting an app of a particular domain & ammending rules .    

Article Source : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-23/gadgets-special/42322263_1_windows-phone-vineet-durani-smartphone-market  

Article Courtesy : Times of India


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I smell something foul. Bill gates is known for his cunning stratagy. He distribute things for free, so later a generation follow that.

Is it a under the table deal to promote Windows os over the android by Microsoft. Anything is possible.

But yes the fault is in our governments part too, they should take right decisions atleast in this election times.

But our public is also unaware of these happenings. Came to know about it after reading this discussion.

Thanks Prabhakar for analysing and providing the info.

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago by Rahul Rai

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