Tikshare classified is best free online classified website. No spam ads and only unique ads are allowed on Tikshare. A best classified website shall pass certain tests and Tikshare succesfully pass them.

However, we are not seeing much success on Tikshare classified. Forum is a hit on Tikshare. We have seen huge number of discussion on Tikshare, discussions are related to Professionals more but we are seeing a trend where users are registering on site and asking their doubts.

What is wrong with Tikshare classified application? Why classified advertisements are not increasing compred to forum discussion.

Even the number of articles is more than advertisements listed in classified portal. Tikshare and we the members of Tikshare have to market the classified application, so that our community grows and we have more and more people to discuss.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

The problems which I find in tikshare are:

  1. Filter option is not very good. Filtering options has to be improved. Proper information on filters has to be provided.
  2. How the ads are ranked in classified. I do not see any logic behind ranking of ads in a particular category. Users should have a option to rank the ads as per reviews or user points in forum but both are not available.
  3. Images are not working properly in Tikshare. Most of the users click as soon as they see images in listing page of a category. Why do not Tikshare provide an option to view only ads with images or without images.
  4. AD posting page requires lot of details. I agree these details are required to list a proper ad but what about if someone wants to list his blog or online selling portal which is available all over India and a specific address cannot be given.
  5. Share buttons are not available on Ad display page. How do we share our ad posted on classified?

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

Thank you very much for your concerns. Tikshare is different from many other website, reason is that users here care about the site and suggest the changes if any required.

Every user registered on site is part of the team at Tikshare. Tikshare is nothing without users. Everyone at Tikshare are proud to have such a great members.

Coming to your suggestion on classified, I assure you that something great is going to happen. Wait for sometime, the coding team is crunching some serious logics and coming up with great functions.

Very soon you will be proud of Tikshare classified. Tikshare classified will be totally different and a fresh experiance for people looking for free classified websites to list their business.

We are seriously working on improvements and very soon you will see updates which will change the way people advertise on classifieds.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Site Moderator

We feel Tikshare as part of our family and the good thing is that though users are very less on Tikshare, but each user is expert in a seperate niche.

Tikshare is a great portal to discuss some serious issues. It is better to gain some knowledge on tikshare, instead of wasting time on Facebook.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

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