What is common with bad websites? You get lot of ideas on how to lose earn money online and all these are fraud methods.

Earn from Forex trading or earn by clicking ads is very much hyped way of making money working at home. Let me clarify you something before you join any online program to make money.

You can never earn unless you have skills!!!

Yes, believe me you can never earn if you do not have the skills to earn. No one will pay you millions just by clicking ads online. Never join these, and you must have realized that compared to previous decade the number of sites paying you on clicking have decreased. Once a fraud is unearthed, the idea gets leaked and people become more aware of these frauds.

If you join any such program, you will never to be able to reach the payment limits and finally you are never paid. Believe me I have a firsthand experience on this.

You can earn online if with the same skills you can earn offline. You can earn online by writing your blogs or if you have a business by writing articles about your skills, but you can never earn by liking, commenting or clicking on any link.

You can earn online by selling your products or you can earn by advising people online. The business if is sustainable offline, you can take it online and really make money.

No one needs cash to give you cash!!

You must have read on many websites, how people paid security to start a service that generates income. Believe me, none of the genuine website ever asks you money. The sole purpose of any website is to sell the services or products and increase subscriber base, why site will require money when their sole purpose is to generate income for you.

Multi Level Marketing is sophisticated fraud!!

First let me explain you what a MLM is, MLM or multi level marketing is a way of doing business where commission on selling a product is passed to different levels with varying rate.

MLM business is a serious fraud and stay away from it. You will not only lose money but friends and relatives will hate you.

You have to bring new members who will invest in your MLM business, they become the new commission agent and even they have to bring new members to get more commission.

The entire joining money is passed to top official of company; you never get back you investment. You lose your money, friends and relatives who became members through your reference or purchased you products.

The only way to earn online is by selling something, it may be a service or product. You can earn online through affiliating marketing, blogs, E-commerce, writing content for others, YouTube videos and many other genuine ways.

Final advice, before you join any program do read review on internet.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

MLM such as Qnet has lured many people to invest in their schemes and broke many dreams. Business model or MLM is "Find fool make him member and let that fool find other fools and this loop goes on"

MLM companies do not sell any product worth buying but they sell dreams to become rich in short time.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Rahul Rai

Here is the list of all MLM companies in world, everyone should be aware of these and avoid investing any money

  1. 5LINX
  2. ACN Inc.
  3. AdvoCare
  4. Agel Enterprises
  5. Ambit Energy
  6. Amsoil
  7. Amway
  8. Amway Global, previously known as Quixtar
  9. Avon Products
  10. Beachbody
  11. BioPerformance
  12. BurnLounge
  13. Discovery Toys
  14. Forever Living Products
  15. FreeLife
  16. Fuel Freedom International
  17. FundAmerica
  18. Herbalife
  19. Isagenix International
  20. Juice Plus
  21. Kleeneze
  22. LegalShield, previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services
  23. LifeVantage
  24. The Longaberger Company
  25. Mannatech
  26. Market America
  27. Mary Kay
  28. Melaleuca
  29. MonaVie
  30. Morinda Bioactives
  31. National Safety Associates
  32. Nature's Sunshine Products
  33. Neways
  34. Nu Skin Enterprises
  35. Oriflame
  36. The Pampered Chef
  37. Primerica
  38. Qnet
  39. Reliv
  40. Scentsy
  41. Shaklee
  42. Stream Energy
  43. Success University
  44. Sunrider
  45. Telecom Plus
  46. Unicity International
  47. USANA Health Sciences
  48. Vector Marketing
  49. Vemma
  50. ViSalus
  51. Watkins Incorporated
  52. World Financial Group
  53. XanGo
  54. Young Living
  55. YTB International

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

One should be really careful when approached by these companies. I have few friends who approached me to become member in one of mlm company. I did Google before taking any decision and saved my hard earned money.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Rahul Rai

Really I was approached by two of friends to join QNEt, which I rejected. Friends are in depression now and are repenting their decision. They have lost friends and relatives and all others who joined this fraud scheme refered by them.

Mahatma Gandhi said, there is enough for everyone on this earth but not for greed of everyone. We are becoming more and more greedy and want easy money.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

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