Narendra Modi, the most hatred politician of India. He did a good job in Gujrat, hard reality is he good job in marketing. The ground realities of Gujarat are still same, just like nothing has changed in last 10 months in India.

People die in Gujarat because of hunger; his marketing team made him the top leader of country and not his work in Gujarat.

He got investment in Gujarat, no doubt in that and is doing same thing as prime minister. He is on foreign tours always and trying to get FDI and FII.

But, Mr. Prime Minister whatever you doing is not going to change anything. We are still a corrupted country and we are not a good place to do business. Our ranks in ease of doing business is worst than our neighbors.

You are doing marketing of INDIA, that is good but why will someone invest in this great country if they have to lose their money and cannot do business.

First make ease of doing business for Indians and then automatically foreigners will invest.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by Rahul Rai

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