We have lot of English discussion forums in India and worldwide but the number of Hindi websites or Hindi forums is very limited.

India, with more than 60 crore people speaking Hindi should have a mainstream website dedicated to Hindi speakers.We are seriously lacking a good Hindi blog or website. Number of English blogs and websites is far more than Hindi websites.

What should be done to encourage Hindi content on internet?

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

Yes when you say that number of English websites is more, you are correct. English language websites are more due to economical reason and ease of operating.

To have a Hindi or any other local language website and specially a forum, you need to do some technical changes and these technical changes are not much tough to do but are not economically benefit.

Advertisers pay very less to Hindi newspapers compared to English newspapers. You must have observed the advertisement segment in newspapers. The advertisement rates in English newspapers is always higher than rates in Hindi or any other local language.

Similarly even on online platforms, the advertising rates are very for Hindi websites. This is a big reason that makes Hindi or any other local Indian language less popular on Internet.

The cost of operating and running a Hindi website will be same but revenues are not.

Another big reason for lot of English websites is that, it was easy to monetize these sites. One launching a blog or website in English could easily monetize with the help of Google adsense or some other advertising program.

However, Google adsense was not opened for local Indian languages including Hindi. Recently Google has announced that adsense can be used on Hindi content websites. This move has positively impacted in rising number of Hindi blogs and now people can use adsense to monetize even Hindi language websites.

In coming years we are sure to see a surge in number of Hindi website. The future of Hindi blogs and websites is bright. Internet was limited to big cities till recent times. With more and more adoption of internet in rural India, the Hindi websites will soon compete with English websites.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

The final point is that each and every task in modern world is done looking at the finance. If anything is profitable, do it otherwise it is of no use.

This attitude has resulted in popularity of English language in Country and local languages are dying. I believe if a site owner who is earning good money from his site, should invest some money in promoting our own languages such Hindi.

Even if come to cost part, it will be not be much to host a blog purely in Hindi. I am not an expert on this, but in what way does hosting a Hindi blog cost significantly. One can easily host a blog for free on blogger or wordpress for free.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

You can easily host a Hindi blog or Hindi Forum but it is not much profitable as already said. You said about cost part, direct cost involved is not more.

You can easily get free scripts to host your blog or forum and with sites such as blogger or wordpress, you can host them for almost free.

But what about marketing the blog or forum. If you do not have visitors, hosting a blog is of no use. Blogs are hosted for economic reason and very few people are concerned about really recording their experiances. If you believe that blogs are not for making money, you will find lot of blogs even in Hindi but they are not popular.

Marketing is a main concern for blogs or forum built around Hindi or any other Indian languages. How many people search in Hindi is a question that needs to be answered before hosting a site in Hindi.

Most of the blogs or websites get traffic from serach engines such Google, very few people search in Hindi. If no one search in Hindi, your blog will not get any visitor. Without visitor, you cannot get any reward for efforts put in building your website.

You said, cost is not much. Yes, direct cost is very less but indirect cost such as investment of time to write content, marketing and getting visitors is huge. The only way for Hindi blogs to get traffic is social media. You can get visitors from facebook, twitter etc. but Google will not be of much help.

Number of Hindi websites and forum will increase if people start searching in Hindi on Google.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

I got the reasons for limited number of websites, blogs and discussion forum in Indian languages. As per me the following changes are required to see a growth in increase of local language content on internet.

  1. People need to understand that Google can be used to search in local languages.
  2. People have to keep their views on whatever content they see online.
  3. People must start discussing in Hindi on internet, once more people start discussion in Hindi we will see rise in Hindi language websites.
  4. People should also read Hindi blogs along with English blogs and should spread the names of these blogs.
  5. People should share each and every post they read in Hindi. Social media websites are full of young Indians, once these people find great intresting content in Hindi they will start following these websites.
  6. Revenue options needs to be open for Hindi language audiances too. Advertisers should understand that people reading Hindi blogs also can be source of good revenue and these are not always backword people.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

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