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Pls guide as I have never filed a return of a deceased person and I need some info about it. A person who worked in a bank died in 2013-14. His wife received all the emoluments and is receiving Pension etc. All these were recd. in FY 13-14. I created the account logins of both husband and wife on the website and got registered the wife as a legal heir for husband by submitting the required documents. After the approval of request when I tried to open the account of husband for filing return, it is not opening. It says username or password invalid. On clicking on forgot password it says the account is not existing and on applying a new registration it says the PAN is already registered. What does that mean??? do they have automatically blocked the account of husband? Is it that the return of husband will now be filed by wife as a legal heir from her account only and we can never access husband's account?? I saw demands in husband's account for yester years. How wud we sort them out then?

Pls help me frnds


CA Kamaldeep Singh

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Kamaldeep Singh

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