I have a LLP registered this year Jan, 2015 and haven't done any business so far as we are waiting on TIN # (Yet to file for TIN). Have following questions, please clarify me.

1. Do I need to file tax for the year 2014-15?

2. If yes for above, what are the forms that need to be filed. In my understanding FORM 8 (SAS) and FORM 11, is that correct or any other addional forms to be filed?

3. What would be the cost of filing these forms.

4. What is the time line to file these forms? I've read in other forums/ Internet as FORM 8 by May 30th and FORM 11 by Oct 30th of this year. is that correct?

5. Also, for service tax, I read from other posts that its free to apply but requires only if the total margin cross 10L per year. is that correct? Also, please advise if I can still apply for service tax registration even though my business is less than 10L per annum. 




Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Mahesh Kumar

1. yes, you have to file the Return to claim expnses of Registration etc. and to set off in next year Profit.

2. File ITR form 5 in Income Tax, Annual Filing in Form 8 and 11 in MCA

3. For Cost of Filling form you have to Contact professional

4. Due Date for Form 11 is 30th May and for Form 8 is 30th october file Before it. (Avoid Penalties)

5. If you want to get Registered under Service Tax then Get Registered. 

Advice:  If you have more Service Tax Input Credit.(Costing Calculation is required)

             If you don't have then wait for Your Business Turnover to Cross 9 Lakh and Then Get registered.


Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

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