Taping the E-commerce boom, online selling of furnitures and accessories is a hot venture. Compared to other models however it is very difficult to enter this segment.

In India few online portals have made a name in this space. Pepperfry, RoomAttire, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder are among them.

Pepperfry, Urbanladder and Fabfurnish are heavily advertising their portals while RoomAttire is moving at fast pace in high segment.

Pepperfry and other 2 portals are selling products ranging from low end to high end whereas RoomAttire is completely concentrating on high end customers.

Lets try to analyse these different portals based on Market position, Brand recognition and Market Share.

pepperfry vs roomattire vs fabfurnish vs urbanladder analysis and market position

Market Position of E-commerce ventures in furniture segment

A reasearch put on a newspaper estimated the revenue target of Pepperfry, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder. Pepperfry had a target of Rs. 300 crore, Fabfurnish with a target of Rs. 250 crore and Urbanladder with a target of Rs. 200 crore.

RommAttire is a new entrant and still the numbers are not out. RoomAttire looks promising in the high end consumer segment.

Brand recognition of Pepperfry, RoomAttire, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder

If I have to rank these portals my ranking in top to bottom will be:

  1. Pepperfry
  2. Fabfurnish
  3. Urbanladder
  4. RoomAttire

Pepperfry tops the brand recognition list because of its heavily runned TVC and content marketing.

Market Share of Pepperfry, RoomAttire, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder

As already mentioned RoomAttire is a new entry in this space, though growing at a fast pace but essential numbers are not out to comment on its market share.

However among three other leaders, Pepperfry, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder own more than 75% of market. competition is not too heavy among these portals since entry is relatively difficult.

USP of Pepperfry, RoomAttire, Fabfurnish and Urbanladder

Pepperfry: Pepperfry sells everything from plastic chairs from Nilkamal to sofas from HomeTown.

Fabfurnish: FabFurnish has an offline presence. It has 2 stores in Bangalore and 2 in NCR.

UrbanLadder: Urban Ladder is almost entirely focused on furniture, almost entirely its own branded products.

RoomAttire: With over two decades of experience and a strong manufacturing base, we have taken furniture to the next level and are now launching eco-friendly timber. Not just that. All the solvents are being replaced by water-based products.

The Furniture market in India is of $22 Billion and around 90% market is unorganised. These companies have a great future and because of target on different consumer segments competition in near future looks avoided.

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Rahul Rai

I have tried all of these portals and here is my review:

Pepperfry is good if you want to order budgted furniture. However in same budget you can get furniture done from unorganised vendors.

Fabfurnish mostly sell their own branded products and same is with Urbanladder. RoomAttire on other side sells the hand crafted and classic furniture.

I have not made any purchase from RoomAttire as most of the items listed are for high society and are costly.

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Prakash mehta

I am looking for a portal which allows to customise furniture. Say i can design my furniture and order. Is there any such portal?

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Bada Mouth

@Bada Mouth

I do not think there is any such portal. IKEA can provide this as they are more into manufacturing of funiture than trading. RoomAttire is also started by Vinit todi who runs Cane Boutique, a reputed furniture outlet in Bangalore.

Most probably IKEA and RoomAttire can give it a try. I think RoomAttire allows you to order a customised furniture offline after booking it online.

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Rahul Rai

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