Microsoft Excel
is the most common used Spread Sheet program. Any person who has an interaction with computer uses the Excel. Almost everyone who uses the computer in Home or Office knows the basic Excel function like Sum, Minus, Division etc.


However most of the people are still unaware of the wonders that Excel can do. Data analysis is the next big business and Excel is playing a bigger role in it. In fact most of the Data analysis is done using Excel by small firms. And recent dynamic changes in Business world have reduced the demand of Accountant and now the Businesses need Analytants.  Analytants is not the standard word but I prefer to use it. In present time being an accountant is not enough and one has to be good analysis expert too.


It is not just the Accountant that need to have the analysis skill but also other professional whether they working in Sales, purchase, inventory or any other department.


I would like to mention a real situation which I faced. I was appointed as an Accounts Consultant in a company, and the first thing I was supposed to do was to find the discount Applicable to different buyers. It was a huge data and if it was to be done manually or using the simple Excel Functions, I would have taken more than a week. But with the help of Advance Excel formulas I could finish the work within a day.


It was just one of many examples, I am a big fan of excel and love excel more than any other software ever developed.


I have seen many employees struggling with Data and sitting in office late night. And during Audit Session conditions are even worst, Auditors have to analyze and Audit a lot of Data. And if Auditor does not have the knowledge of Advance Excel Formulas, they would be consuming more hours to finish the work.


I love to share my knowledge with others and I willing be sharing the Excel knowledge that I have. I will be sharing it systematically so that each and every person reading these would be able to master his skills of using Excel.


And before I start Explaining the different Excel formulas/Functions, please note the below assumptions which I have made:

  1. Every one reading this knows the Basic Excel.
  2. Everyone knows how to use “Text” in a formula.
  3. Have used Excel and are eager to master their Excel skills.

Once you are done reading all my future post you would be able to:

  1. Use the Advance Excel functions.
  2. Use the Excel to analyze and generate reports using huge data.
  3. Save the lot of time and spend your valuable time with your family members.
  4. Use Excel as Database.
  5. Use the Excel to create your own Programs such as Accounting systems, Databases, Survey Databases etc.
  6. Speed up your working and impress your Boss.


The various lessons that you will learn at beginning are:

How to use these functions-

If you have any doubt in any of lessons, please Extend the Post and I assure you of the solution. So, be ready to Master your Excel skills.

And also if have no previous knowledge of Excel, than write up your detailed doubts. And I will try my best to teach you basic excel.

Posted 4 years, 7 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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