Films, Politics and Cricket, these three topics are the only main source for entertainment in India. Recently some new forms of entertainment are available in India, thanks to Realty shows.

Myself being a big movie crazy normal Indian who is bored with watching the same background (especially Yashraj movies) for years is searching for new form of entertainment. Yes you read it right, its background. Because theme remains same, Story remains same, most of time dialogues too. Only actors change, their cloths change and sometime background change.

A normal Indian film has the story like this “Boy meets Girl or Girl meets Boy. Sometime 2 Boys meet 1 Girl or 2 Girls meet 1 Boy. They fall in love, dance, sing and do some monkey Acts. Whole world units to separate them, they fight the world convince the world and either die or marry in end.

So it’s always a love story, we end up with. Whether film is about Corruption, politics, freedom movement, stock market or just anything else, you are sure to see only love stories revolving around these themes. Love stories socked in pond of songs.

Indian film evoluation

And as on 2012, India produces the highest number of films in world. Indian film industry is number one in Quantity of Films, second in Revenue generation and nowhere in Quality of films produced. By quality I mean, new story, new concept or at least new Dance steps.

Indian Films were really good till 1975 or till that decade, but ever since these Item songs and Masala film culture arrived, Star value and item song with big actress and less cloth are considered as quality of films. And only few producers and directors have dared to make good films.

Indian film is divided on language basis, Tamil Films( Used to remake Hindi Films till 1980,s) is famous for its larger than life actions which makes you feel absence of gravity, failure of science and non existence of any super natural Souls(God), Telugu films(Used to copy and still copy the Tamil films and give them a touch of village culture located in Hollywood) produce highest films in India and you would have understood what they produce, Bengali films(Good one but not much famous, though Bengal has given most talented Artist to Hindi Films) makes good movies but again most of them have the same story as “Boy meets Girl or Girl meets Boy. Sometime..............” And finally we come to our own Hindi Films (Bollywood), as said was good till 1975, than started copying from Tamil films and nowadays from Telugu films, thus making a complete loop of spoiling the original remade films.

My point is let Bollywood not to be another Hollywood, but be sensible. We are bored of watching Shaharukh khan’s Romance, Salaman khan’s nonsense, Amir khan’s marketing stunts, Akshay kumar acting, and latest these no sense, no story, and no brain required trash(Dabang, Singham, Wanted, Golmal3, JTHJ, k786..............).

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