SEO or Search Engine Optimization are the simple process or technique by which you can improve the visibility of your website in unpaid results of any search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. After launching the website the most frustrating moments are when our website is not visible in first page of search results. Many web owners go in depression, when they see that after putting lot of efforts rank of their website is not improved and search results does not display their results in first page.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization are the simple process or techniques by which you can improve the visibility of your website in unpaid results of any search engines such as Google


I owned a website, which is now closed. I got good traffic at beginning but eventually visitors vanished and also got banned by search engines. But this gave me a bitter experience of what to do and what not to do. Some of my mistakes that I did, and advices everyone not do are:

  1. BackLink spamming: I remember posting link of website on major website, and all those sites were spammed by me. Remember algorithm that Google use is so powerful; it can make out which BackLink are genuine and which are spams. And this tactics badly affected my page ranking.
  2. Title over Stuffing: I remember putting almost all possible words in title of webpage. Its not a bad habit to put more words in Title of page, but if same words are not available on your page, than its just a spammed Title. Spamming your Title will not only damage your site goodwill will but also lower the rank of your website. Use only relevant Title and never try to use a misleading Title.
  3. Keyword: I put 2 paragraphs of keywords in my website and only 5% of keywords were actually directly related to my website! Yes I did this  and got penalized by Google heavily. Google take care that users searching something are directed to useful pages, and sending users to wrong and misleading pages will damage the reputation of Google. So, of course Google is going to even ban your site from displaying in search results.
  4. Black Hat SEOs: Yes the most dangerous, I used service of a SEO Specialist. His Program was designed such that it would generate searched  keyword in my site. Program had database full of keywords and some badly written stuffs and those keywords and stuff would be displayed on part of my webpage. So if anyone searched Google, those words too would be identified as part of my website. It really worked well, but when users came to my website they saw only a static webpage. Finally Search Algorithm found the tactics and banned the website.


So, never use an automated program to enhance your website’s visibility.


I tried all tactics and today I feel I should have appointed a White hat SEOs and given him the responsibility of my Website. These bad tactics not only ruined my online business but made me invisible in web space.


If you own a website try to be honest and remember good content makes a good website. It’s a difficult task to find good SEO consultant but never give the SEO responsibility to a crooked SEO consultant. Always think of long term presence of your website and not a short lived visibility.

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