Happyness short lived-Live it FullyWe often think how bad our life is. And sometime we try to think what makes the life bad. Different people have different reasons for being sad or being depressed all the time. It is very rare that we have a whole good day. We often think who happiest person on earth is. If wealth gives happiness and wealthiest are happiest, than why most depressed and drug addicts are found to be rich people.


Firstly what is happiness, is it the state where all desires are fulfilled or a state where one is satisfied with what he has. It is not possible to attain the happiness by fulfilling the demands. Desires are never ending. So the only way to be happy is to remain satisfied with what one has. But how many of us can remain satisfied with what we have. We try different formulas to be satisfied with what we have. We try to console our self emotionally or choose the spiritual path to remain satisfied with what we have.


Everyone has the desires. A traveler has the desire to travel all the places he can. A Businessman has the desire to earn more profit. Every one desires to achieve success in what they do. And in this capitalist society success or happiness is compared to wealth.


At first we compete with many others to earn more, and once we are earning more we compete with over self to earn even more. And this competition makes us restless, but the other side is that we don’t lead life in isolation. We are a social animal and greed, competition, and ego are the basic evils that we have in us. Each of us is born with these evils, some can win their evils, and some just become slave of these evils.


From thousands of years, the question that everyone ask is how  life can be lived without any stress and peacefully. Every human feels happiness in different ways. Happy moments are very short and one should enjoy those moments fully. The satisfaction of soul is more important than satisfaction of Body. Satisfaction to soul comes from doing what we love doing and which is good and useful for society.


Even these good works will not give the satisfaction and happiness for long period, but will put a smile on your face when you would remember the efforts put in achieving those good works.


Good work does not mean only doing which is religious or charitable in nature but the work which make use of the natural talent that god has given us and favouring society by using that talent. And one can use the talent in any field whether its economy, sports or Politics.


Thank you and have a Nice day!!!

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@site moderator Appreciate ur philosophical views on life. I feel life is more enjoyed when we dont analyze it too much. Ambitions, desires, disappointments, memories, happy moments, sad moments are part and parcel of everyone's lives. We do many t

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

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