Indians love food. And when it comes to street food, Indians are luckiest. Indian streets provide many verities of snacks. Let’s have a look some of most famous Indian snacks.


Top snacks that india loveSamosa and Kachori: Samosa remains the number one snack that Indian love. From north to South, East to West, in each corner its easily available. Its served with Green and Red sweet chutnies. Samosa is made with Maida and Potatoes, Bihari samosa are most famous. Even in Samosa we will find different taste. In north India people love spicy samosa and in south India samosa are normally not much spicy.


Top snacks that india lovePani Puri
: It is difficult to find a person who has never tried Pani Puri. Pani Puri has different names in different states. The different names of Pani Puri are Patasi, Puchaka, Golgappa, Gupchup. Pani Puri is served with smashed Potato Masala and spicy masala water. Even Pani Puri change its taste, in North India Pani Puri is served with Smashed Potato and in South India Pani Puri is served with Hot Liquid Masala. But whether North Indian GolGappa or South Indian Pani Puri, you will just love them. 



Top snacks that india loveBhel Puri: After Samosa, the most famous snack is Bhel Puri. Alike samosa bhelpuri is low fat food. Bhel Puri is also available all over India. And you can enjoy the crispy and spicy Bhelpuri in any city. Bhel Puri can be made in home, in minutes. Taste of Bhel Puri also changes in each state. In north India Bhelpuri is normally dry and in South India Bhelpuri is made by mixing a liquid Masala. And both taste well, I personally like the South Indian Bhelpuri. So when you walk in evening don’t forget to order a crispy Bhel.



Top snacks that india lovePav Bhaji: The fusion of west and East is the Pav Bhaji. Pav means Bun and Bhaji means vegetables. Pav Bhaji is also available in all cities of India. Pav Bhaji is served with onion and lemon. It taste better with Butter and if you make it in home Bhaji can be made with your favorite vegetable.




Top snacks that india loveVada Pav: The Indian Burger is available in all cities and loved by everyone. We just cant have only one. Its spicy and my favorite. I love the Chilly served with Vada Pav. I recommend not eating from branded outlets and have it from small shop. Brand outlets promise hygiene but the authentic taste you will get from cornet stall only.




Top snacks that india loveMasala Dosa: The south Indian Masala Dosa is not only famous in India, but favorite of many Americans, Europeans. Masala Dosa is served with Potato vegetable and Coconut Chutney.

And if you are luckily in Mysore city, than you can taste many verities of Masala Dosa. If you are adventures taste the Dosa in street of Bangalore, you might luckly taste the worlds tastiest Masala Dosa.



These are only some snacks, and remember the golden rule smaller the stall, better the taste. Big Hotel may promise hygiene and quality, but real taste is in found in the street stalls.

And finally no one died of eating street food, so enjoy the great tastes of India.

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