Modi addressing a speechNarendra Modi has conquered the Top Position in BJP. And has raised as a Prime candidate for Prime Minister chair. Modi is backed by RSS and huge BJP workers. Though Modi is facing challenges from other top leaders of BJP like Lal Krishna Advani but it looks short term. And also one thing that favors Modi is his Popularity, and in Democracy being famous and Popular is what matters.

Modi has crossed all limits of being popular in India, here we have a look at the timeline of Modi.

  • Narendra Damodardas Modi was born in 17 September 1950, in Vadnagar of Gujarat.
  • At young age, Modi use to sell tea with his brother around a bus stand.
  • Narendra Modi completed schooling in Vadnagar, he was an average student but an interested debater.
  • He worked in the staff canteen of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, he worked there till he became a full–time propagator of the RSS.
  • The RSS placed Modi to the BJP in 1987.
  • In 1998, Modi was promoted to the post of National Secretary of the BJP.
  • While selecting candidates for the 1998 state elections in Gujarat, Modi sidelined people who were loyal to Vaghela and rewarded those who favoured Patel, thus ending factional divisions within the party. His strategies were key to winning those elections.
  • Patel's failing health, along with allegations of abuse of power, corruption and poor administration, as well as a loss of BJP seats in by-elections and the effects of the devastating Bhuj Earthquakeof 2001, which his administration struggled to handle, prompted the BJP's national leadership to seek a new candidate for the office of chief minister. Modi was chosen as his replacement.

Modi With Irfan Pathan

  • In 2002, widespread communal violence erupted between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat after the violent incident near the Godhra railway station where some coaches of a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was burned by a Muslim mob, the Gujarat administration was accused by the opposition and sections of the media of taking insufficient action against the violence, and even condoning it in some cases.

A scene of burnt Train

  • As effect of violence Modi on moral grounds submitted his resignation, and in re-elction Modi, won 127 seats in the 182-member assembly.
  • During his tenure Gujarat became the number one Hub for the investment, and ranked number one in Development.
  • It was his tenure during which Gujarat has emerged as least corrupted state of India.

In March 2013, Modi was appointed as member of the BJP Parliamentary Board, its highest decision-making body, and also as a member of the party's Central Election Committee.

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