BJP(Bhartiya Janata Party) can be identified as the most soft target of its own People for putting the party in loosing states. BJP have seen many failed coalition with its alliances and also internally. And current being with the JD(u). Here is a countdown of 4 major such failed alliances that BJP saw in recent times internally and with its alliances.


Symbol of JD(s)Janata Dal(Secular)(Karnataka): In 2004 Kumaraswamy formed a coalition government with Congress and then with BJP and ruled the state for 20 Months and when the time came for BJP to have its chief Minister, JD(s) had a split with BJP and BJP saw a failed government in state. However in next election held in 2008 BJP won the elections with Majority and ruled state for 5 years.



Yeddyurappa curse BJPB.S. Yeddyurappa(Karnataka): The biggest blow that BJP faced in Karnataka was from the Yeddyurappa. B.S. Yeddyurappa was a RSS member and a dedicated member of BJP, and ruled the state as chief minister for 3 years but had to resign facing the corruption charges. He was rejected the chief minister poster after resignation and was ignored by top brigade of BJP. He formed his own party and was the sole reason for BJP losing its government in Karnataka in 2013.



BJP-JMM splitsJharkhand Mukti Morcha(Jharkhand): BJP along with JMM formed the government and ruled the state for 28 months however JMM withdrew its support in January 2013 and BJP lost its government in Jharkhand.





Reaction of JD(u) after coalition breakdown in BiharJanata Dal U (Bihar): After announcing the Modi as head of election committee JD(u) has separated from BJP in Bihar. BJP had a good number of seats in Bihar, however JD(u) have the majority of seats. However the election was contested in alliance. This could be the biggest coalition crises that BJP faced In recent years. JD(u) was part of BJP headed NDA(National Democratic Alliances) for 17 years. Bihar is considered as one of the most political sensitive state of India and this alliance breakdown can result in anyway for BJP.

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