We read a lot about SEO and Google. Google plays a lot with us. Google ranks higher your site if your site has more backlinks, you start generating backlinks and get banned as spammer. Google concentrate on keywords, you site filling your site with all keyword available in dictionary and get banned as spammer. Google wants contents in your site and you start filling your with BOTS generated contents and again get banned as a spammer. With a little common sense we can realize that we will not like to go to a website which is irrelevant for us than why will Google refer an irrelevant site to its users. We should be careful and never play with Google for backlinks, Keywords and contents, Google is smarter than us.

But with my experience and a little analysis I have made out some techniques which will not block your site, will save you money and will probably make you darling of Google.

Time Stamp

Time StampGoogle crawl your site and store it in its server. Anyone with common sense knows that incremental backup is what everyone prefer rather than full backup. If you stamp your every post with time stamp than google will crawl your site incrementally and will take less time to index. Google will analyse your site’s URL and will crawl based on last time stamp. Suppose google indexed your site 2 days back than it will re-index those URL’s which have time stamp after 2 days back. By putting a time stamp you not only help google index your site faster, but also save your bandwidth.


Webmaster Tools

Many of us launch a site or blog but are never interested in its SEO. Though creating a webmaster account with Google will not help you in your sites ranking. But signing with Webmaster can be of great use with some options that only webmaster provides you. Here are some these options, though names are not accurate but functions are:

  • Target Country: Webmaster gives you option of which country your site wants to target, select the country you want to target. Google will show first your site in selected country rather than those sites which have not specified their targeted country.
  • Crawl Frequency: This is the most useful option that webmaster Tools provide you. Normally google’s  algorithm decide the frequency of your site’s crawls but webmaster Tools gives you a option to decide frequency yourself. So if your site is dynamic and contents change at high rate than increase the rate of crawl per second. By doing this you help google index your contents earlier than its normal rate.
  • Search Queries: Webmaster Tools provides the search query data. With this you can see the rank of your site in google search in respect of search terms. With this tools you can analyse which keyword is ranking high for you and develop more content relating to that.
  • Link Error: Not only google but everyone hates if click on a link and finds link is broken. With this tool you can  see which links are broken in your site and repair them.
  • Fetch as Google: This option is of best use for those who wants their pages to be indexed right now. All you have to do is to put ur sites URL and google wil fetch your site and will submit your site to its server. With this Tool you can list your very recent contents with Google.


Unique Design

Yes it matters!!! Make sure your website is unique in looks and is friendlier with Users. Unique does not mean using lot of flash (Google cannot read what is written in flash). Your site will be unique if you are not using a default template but a customized template. Best tip for those who are in process of launching a site is to design a look which is different. You may not agree but normal coded sites with equal content quality ranks higher in search than Wordpress of Blogspot themes.


Site Speed


Site Speed

If your site takes a lot of time to load than user will close your website before even it loads. And if users don’t want to see your site than why will Google refer your site to users? Yes site speed bothers Google!!!! Make sure your site is faster than your competitors and get a higher rank with Google Search. Use some free application to increase the speed your site. Try zipping your contents with GZip etc.


Keyword, Meta Tags, backlinks, Alexa ranks and all other things



Every webmaster including me in beginning finds him glued to Alexa. Does google consider Alexa Rank? Should it consider? Think logically and your answer would be a big NO!!!  Why Google should consider Alexa rank, just because we check our sites Alexa Rank every five minute. Google have more data stored in its server than Alexa , so there looks no reason Google should look at Alexa for its search ranking.

Well about keywords, Meta Tags, backlinks and all other things I would advise you to play safe. Because if your site is slow you can make it fast, you can sign up with Webmaster, can create a unique design and install a time stamp but its very difficult to revive your site if it Banned in Google search. Be safe, Be First.


Thank you.

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by SEO Guru

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