Everyone has a soft corner for something and hard corner for something. Lets have a look 3 top stars of India in each department.


Indians love politics, its being played from Mahabharatha times. Nowdays India is playing Romanised politics. Few stars of Indian politics, whom even aliens cant ignore.


  • Digvijay Singh: You may know him from some other name like Tanch maal, p*gvijay, d*kvijay etc. He is the most notorious politician of current times. He speak and than think. But speaks a lot and all without any sense.

Digvijay singh delivering his excellence

  • Kapil Sibal: The zero loss theorist, he is the Hitler of modern politics but Hitlers action were for country and his actions are for his brain exercise. He can collect all non-sense from around the world and transfer it in your brain, without you knowing.


Kapil sibal explaining zero loss theory


  • Mamata B-energy: Sorry cant write!!  If you write anything against her and found in Kolkata you get imprisonment. And no Rosgulla for life.

Mamata Banergee after reading a facebook status

Cricket killed other sports in India. Surely it did, the most laziest sport rules the Indian sports.


  • Shree-Shanth: He is no shanth(saint) by any mean. The icon of youth, became a black-star after was caught in a fixing scandal. The reasons of high energy on field were off field actions?


  • Sourav Ganguly: The best captain India ever had. He made team India what it is today. He gave team the talent to fight back Australian toungs.


  • Sachin Tendulkar: N doubt, he played till recent. Youths making carrier in cricket hated him and audience loved him.


India is incomplete without Bollywood. Bollywood is incomplete without Indian-ness in it.


  • Shakti Kapoor: The REEL life villain and rapist became talk of the town when he faced same charges in real life.


  • Shaharukh Khan: He can show you all emotions in one expression, with his permanent expression.

Shaharukh Khan with his famous permanent expression


  • Salaman Khan: If you can watch his full movie in one go than either your brain is dead or you sell milk.

Salaman Khan after watching his own filmExpression of Salaman Khan after watching his own movie


Buerocrates are the one whom No one love, except their families. If they are honest, government kills them. If they are sincere in their duties  businessman kills them.

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