On a particular evening after the regular classes, we decided to explore the outskirts of our college. The sky was overcast with odds of downpour, and the weather was blustery with gusts of monsoon wind caressing our bare skin.

We were four in number: Tenzzing, Ahmed, Shaba and me—a gang of adventure junkies always ready to go wild!


The hinterland of college mansion was quite alien, and the panoramic suburb incessantly luring us to walk around, explore new dimensions, ramble through the emerald meadow and conquer the rapid lake. The college has a huge area of land that embodies animal farms, agricultural establishments, irrigation channels and evergreen woodland with a lake in the facade. Without wasting time, the four of us set out on a mission to trail and unearth the mystery absorbed in those captivating topographies!

We could have chosen a regular route to reach the lake—the route we joked is for girls and children; but the adrenaline rush forced us to choose a wild, unexplored path to our destiny. We walked by the untamed pastures, grazing the frontier of lonesome, luxuriant lowland and finally reached a blind alley—a hostile undulation of pebbly terrain!

‘What the heck!’ Shaba ejaculated miserably, ‘We should have chosen the regular route…’

‘Be a man Shaba’, Tenzzing rejoined, holding his apprehension back ‘you know we can cross this’.

 The four of us were in a great dilemma, and wondering whether to proceed like a freaky traveler or retreat with a disgruntled heart!

I scrolled to the rim and started scrutinizing the geography; my nervous friends looking at me in sarcastic bewilderment—as if to say—hey you think you are the Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild! Before they could say anything, I started rolling down the slope.

‘Hurray ‘, I squealed in excitement, doubling over at their vulnerability ‘come on you lazy freaks’.

 Watching me progresses down the rock-strewn hill like a frenzied voyager, they were exhilarated. They followed me down—one by one—counting on my maneuver, singing the song of seventh heaven, howling, giggling, and startling each other with peculiar commotions. Finally, we were in the valley.

Our next challenge was to go uphill, and again downhill to reach the lake. Ahmed, Shaba, and me started to scale, holding hands, while Tenzzing strived to capture some of our spectacular stances.

The three of us successfully struggled to the top; now it was his turn to mount up!

‘Climb Tenzzing climb’ we shouted 'climb the Everest of Acharya'. He casted a sarcastic grin up at us and shouted back in enthusiasm 'Worry not my friends; I am from the hilly regions'. With camera in one hand and bag on the shoulder, he rocketed himself up the slope, howling like an ape while we provoked him from the crest.There was not much room on the crest to get around, but the surrounding was spectacular! We took some shots and descended down, landing straight at the lake.


Having conquered the lake, we decided to explore yet frontier side of the college. There was a horse farm amidst the wild, but we didn't know where it was. We chose to stumble on! There were two options--either we could take the regular long route or an apparent shortcut through the wilderness! Taking decision was not difficult nonetheless—I was enthused, my friends were enthused, and the thought of trekking through the wilderness felt so tempting!

 Walking through the woods was a messy experience though—our denims got clanged upon by dandelion fluffs and barbarous beggar-ticks, shoes got muddled with filth, and sleeves got blemished with clay blots. By the time we made to the horse ranch, our hands and legs were itching badly; we were wet with sweat, panting and struggling with overwhelming thirst.

But the panorama of mighty stallions made us forget all our soreness. 'Let’s go near them', I proposed, awestruck by an earnest horse that was gawking at my camera constantly, as if craving for a snapshot! Shaba hesitated, saying that we’re not allowed to go there, but since no one was around, we condoned his trepidation and persuaded him at length.

After having some good shots of the horses, we decided to get back to our home; it was already getting dark! We chose the regular long route to revert as we were all exhausted, and not willing to trek again. We went along the path singing, chatting, howling. The epoch sifted quickly.

Soon we were back in our respective homes, nostalgic.

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