This article speaks about maintaining balance between study and social media use—a notorious issue among young generation.

The present generation is under a spell, spell of an e-witch—face book! Spell that has made the youth forget their real books!

Social media is—to some extent—addictive, and sometimes reported to interfere with youngsters in a malicious way. Result is loss of educational appetite and poor academic performance.

Of course, we cannot overlook the value of social media in our life, but limitations should watch over its use.

Here are certain things that you should look after to ensure sagacious use of social media, along with academic excellence in unison.

Sign up


This is the first thing you need to consider: signing up into your study. Develop an impetus for learning by setting genuinely gratifying   goals.

Get motivated; stay motivated; concentrate on your books; and  study for the sake of your healthy livelihood.

Stay logged in for a significant  ammount of time.

Chat with your innerself, asking questions: whether You’re understanding the concepts or not; Wether you need to adjust your way of learning; wether you can do it on your own or need a supplementary tutor etc...

Follow a systematic schedule, and seek flexibiliy in study regime.

Accept the requests

Your parents and teachers have a whole lot of expectations from you: they are putting in all they have so that you become successful. In return, you must furnish the results they seek.

Accept their requests: give equal priority to your study, respect their concern, and work towards improving you grade by thriving in examinations.

They will only strike a chord; you are the one who need to decide how to accomplish it. Your duty is to make them happy by bringing good grades. Doing so will make them feel that their resources and efforts are being well utilized; you too will feel contented when you perform well— a win-win situation!

Update your status

Update your status by actively participating in classroom. Let the teachers pick you up as an enthusiastic learner. You can do this by participating in group discussions and answering actively to the questions— not a problem if you study at home and come prepared to the class.


Doing this will create a good status of yours in others mind— you will be regarded as a bright student! If you fail to do so, your status will be that of a dull backbencher.

Focus on the events

Understand the importance of academic events like examinations, competitions,  workshops etc…,  and focus on them. Eliminate the phobia of examination by being geared up in advance—read your textbooks throughly, follow strategic learning technique, tag on the directives of your teacher, and avoid commotions while you are signed in to your study .

Join the events, catching hold of every genuine oppertunity that butterflies around you.

Get Good Notifications

When you adhere to the above proposals, you will eventually get good notifications. Parents, teachers and friends will acclaim you for your excellence; they will comment on your good academic results, ‘Well done…keep it up!’

People will follow you and like you. They will share your examination status all around bringing in loads of applaud.

You will be taggedas an accomplished student!

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Kishlay Singh

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