The Ashes is one of cricket's greatest rivalry with two teams bringing their 'A' game to every series and watched by full house even in this era of dwindling spectators in grounds. It is also noted for some events that is now a part of the game. 'Sledging' is back with Michael Clarke and Jimmy Anderson already being reprimanded for their actions in the first test. All this is happening when the game is monitored by 2 umpires on the field and a third one watching from the stands with the latest technology. And do we still call it a gentleman's game?

Now imagine a game without referees or umpires to monitor play? Will it ever be possible to play a sport without referees? Yes, if you haven't heard about it, Ultimate Frisbee is the game.In short it is a game played with 7 per team in a arena like a football field and without referees. The sport is  non contact sport, but it still has fouls and tackles but in this case the judgement is all called and agreed by the players themselves. The closest the game has come to adopting referees is when they decided to have a neutral observer but it has happened in only some events.

Just in case you are wonderig why it is important to compare how sports is played, you will find this article interesting. How we play a sport indirectly portrays the human-ness in us. Evolution is after all about that. Civilisation in socities is another way of looking at it, we don't go with the principle of an eye for an eye any more. But why has cricket been invaded by events like sledging. I feel ultimate frisbee should be the new'gentleman's game' .

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Girish Shivakumar

Sledging may be due to SPORT SPRITE but what shreeshanth did was not a gentlemen thing to do. Sledging in cricket was started by Australia i believe. But i believe public love sledging and enjoys the sillly fights.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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